Chores for Kids – Ideas to Get Kids Cleaning the House

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Chores for Kids – Ideas to Get Kids Cleaning the House

Kids… what are the best chores for kids and how can you get them to help with the cleaning? I’ve got some great ideas for ‘in-sourcing’ – (it’s the opposite of ‘out-sourcing’ and I love it!) and getting the kids to help with cleaning the house!

You must think I am crazy right? Well, I am little, but not when it comes to motivating people to clean! Even the kids. Keeping a house tidy is a huge job especially if you have little ones running around smearing play dough, cereal.. you name it. But what if you flipped the whole situation on it’s head and gave them a fun reason to help out? Here are my tips for the best chores for kids:

Choose Your Cleaning Battles

The main goal here is that kids generally don’t like being told what to do, but if you give them the option to choose a few really fun things to clean, chances are they’ll be screaming for more.

The art of inclusion is what’s going to get them ahead – so instead of telling them they aren’t doing it properly, get in and have just as much fun as they are – even if they suck at it – because in reality, kids want to feel included. This will give them a sense of ownership, and over time, will more than likely want to start helping out more around the house.

I’ve thrown together some ideas for you to try out on a weekend so that you have lots of time to really get into the exercise. Make it an experience for your whole family and you too will end up enjoying house cleaning on a Saturday. Also, it is important to remember that chores for kids most certainly cannot be done unless you crank the radio! Cleaning can be done faster and much more smoothly when music is involved. Re-live the old days and sway those hips, dust that shirting board and away you go. Investing some time now will have you a house full of tiny minion helpers in no time!

 Kids Love to Wash the Car

  1. Washing the car – probably the funniest job ever! Bubbles, water, sponges! Need I say more? If you can, try and use eco-friendly products. This will make sure the kids and the planet aren’t harmed by any of the suds and they can go as crazy as they like. Make sure you tell them about the ingredients of the bubbles so they understand not only to be careful getting it in their eyes, but by not using harsh car cleaning chemicals, your lawn and the dirt is much happier.

 Hosing off the Verandah

  1. Hosing off the verandah – Ensure all the important stuff is inside so it doesn’t get wet, show them how the nozzle works and turn on the tap! Once all the residue is off, squeeze a tiny bit of eco friendly dishwashing liquid around and have them mop and spread it around. Rinse off and your verandah will be clean as a babies bottom.


  1. Vacuuming under the cushions on the couch – Who doesn’t like treasure!? Even adults like to find a spare couple of dollars when the mysteries of the cushions have been lifted, so why wouldn’t kids love it too? This job is pretty self explanatory, just ensure if you have a few kids, they can spend the money or share the treasure. If you know there is nothing under there but crumbs, secretly place a few coins so they don’t’ feel disheartened.

 Kids CAN Make Beds

  1. Making the beds – The ‘funnest’ job in the world!! I’ll admit it, I’m 28 and I still love jumping under the sheets to make my bed when I am at my mums house. I still do it in my own house. I’m sure I don’t need to give you tips on this process… Just have some major fun and even if it doesn’t get properly made, you’ve always got tomorrow right?

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