Parkrun with kids in Queensland – is it safe?

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The parkrun craze has well and truly taken Queensland by storm! Here’s some information about how your kids can participate in this great event for active families.

Parkrun for everyone!

Parkrun is a worldwide phenomenon! Local communities organise 5km weekly run / walk paths that people can register to participate in. These events are ALWAYS free and always held in safe, accessible areas so everyone can have fun, get fit and celebrate the great outdoors together.

Exercise is a fabulous way to release endorphins, reduce stress and be social. There are so many benefits for families – particularly mothers.

If you’re interested in participating in your local parkrun you can register here and find your local parkrun community.

Can I take my kids and is it safe?

Everyone is welcome to participate but there are some things you need to know about taking children.

IF YOUR CHILD IS UNDER THE AGE OF ELEVEN then they must be accompanied at all times. In terms of parkrun, this means ‘next to you’ or ‘very nearby you’. You can imagine why – a busy crowd, people running at different speeds and a wandering toddler sound like a recipe for disaster! Parkrun are allowed to hold these wonderful events in public and this is part of their liability insurance.

Small children can be in prams or be worn in baby carriers.

IF YOUR CHILD IS OVER THE AGE OF ELEVEN then they are permitted to run or walk without having to stay next to a parent or guardian. They are expected, however, to behave appropriately and to not interfere with other participants. No games or silliness is allowed while running – you can imagine how easily it would be for a pileup to occur!

Parkrun in Queensland

If you register to participate you’ll become part of that running community. You will receive a number, have your run timed and make great new connections to the people you share the space with.

This fantastic family event is quickly becoming a local obsession – if you’ve not been yet, why not start this weekend? You can bring the kids with you!

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