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Mums and Bubs Fitness – Health and Fitness Programs for New Mothers

A new baby is a wonderful experience, but a lot of mothers struggle with the huge lifestyle change that accompanies it. Things that were once taken for granted (like sleeping and showers) often fall by the wayside, and mums fitness and exercise falls into this category too!

You may want to check in with a health care professional or hire a personal trainer. You may want to join a mums and bubs fitness class. Whatever you choose, there are a number of mums and bubs fitness options that new mums can fit in to their new post-baby schedule.

Whatever your fitness level, it is possible to exercise with baby in tow.

Mums and bubs fitness classes

Safe pregnancy exercises

Group fitness classes are a huge hit among new mothers, for a number of reasons.

Surrounding yourself around women with babies of a similar age to your own is a great way to make new friends. An hour of socialising can be a godsend when you have spent the better part of your week couped up inside with an unsettled baby. Group fitness classes are similar to a mothers group, with the added bonus of getting a work out in too!

Another great thing about mums and bubs fitness classes is that they are specifically designed for new mothers. Pelvic floor muscles and core stability can really take a hit during pregnancy and birth; a gentle introductory post-birth class can be a great way to ease back into fitness while targeting all the areas that need it the most.

Mums and bubs fitness classes are great because they allow you to keep your baby close by; some classes even involve babies in the exercises (5kg weight lift anyone?!)

Yoga Classes in Brisbane for Mums

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Join a child friendly gym

If you prefer solo exercise, a gym could be the solution you are looking for. Many gyms have crèche child minding facilities on-site; giving you peace of mind that baby is not far away.

A personal trainer can assist you with a suitable post-birth exercise regime to get you started, allowing you to progress with your fitness at your own pace.
We all know that babies work to their own schedule. The great thing about working out in the gym is that you have the flexibility of going at a time that suits you, without worrying about running late for your class!

Walking – great for mums and bubs fitness

In the initial weeks following the birth, your body needs time to recover before commencing exercise. Once you are feeling up to it, walking is a great way to ease your body back in to fitness.

Babies often enjoy walks in the pram, and it’s the perfect opportunity to squeeze in some light exercise. Over time you can increase your speed to a brisk walk and even go running with your baby.

Many mums find wearing their baby in a carrier is useful for settling their baby, as well as having hands free to do things around the house. You can utilise this method to incorporate exercise, going for walks on the beach or even hiking with your little one securely attached.

Mums and bubs fitness classes are a great way of incorporating fun and exercise into your daily routine, whatever your fitness level!

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