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Nippers Brisbane – An Awesome Choice For Your Brissie Beach Bums

Nippers Brisbane can be a great way for your kids to get social and get active. There’s also a few hidden benefits you may not have considered!

Nippers Brisbane

Nippers is the youth arm of lifesaving. Young children are invited to participate in a series of very safe, very supervised surf activites designed to promote water safety and physical activity.

What kinds of things do the kids do?

Children who participate in Nippers Brisbane classes are between 5 and 13 years old.

Children will participate in the Junior Activites program after they undertake an assessment at the start of the course. This is to ensure they have a basic level of competence so that their instructors are very aware of their capabilities (and limitations).

Kids will learn about:

  • Basic water safety
  • Basic beach rescues
  • Basic Iron Man / Iron Woman competition skills
  • Social awareness
  • Sun safety
  • Instruction listening, following, remembering and enacting

Nippers Brisbane is an inclusive activity

Nippers also caters for those children who are on the spectrum. Children with ASD and Autism are invited to take part. The individual assessment will help the instructors figure out the best way to include them. Please make sure that you discuss your child’s participation with them ahead of time to ensure they have a clear understanding of the variety of demands and stimuli they will soon be introduced to.

Where can we do Nippers in Brisbane?

You’ll want to head to the REDCLIFFE PENINSULA SURF LIFE SAVING CLUB (Marine Parade, Redcliffe). This is a great spot to participate in this sport – calm water, lots of visibility and an historic club serving as the backdrop. We LOVE Redcliffe! 

Nippers is also a great way to expand your social circle and think about participating in a Bronze Medallion once your child hits their teens.

Nippers Brisbane

Interested? What’s stopping you?! Get involved!

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