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Bronze Medallion Brisbane and GC – A Teen Activity To Consider

Pursuing a Bronze Medallion Brisbane course could be one of the best things your teenager ever does. Find out about what’s on offer right here.

Bronze Medallion Brisbane Courses – What are they?

The Bronze Medallion is a course that’s designed for teenagers who are aged 14 and older. It involves 16 contact hours which can be spread over some time (so don’t feel it all has to be done at once!).

The Bronze Medallion is recognised as the minimum qualification for being a lifesaver. It promotes understanding of rescue techniques, personal survival strategies and emergency care.

What does it involve?

The Bronze Medallion, as previously stated, is awarded after the 16 hour long course of study is completed. It involves a range of theory and practical components – all of which must be passed in order to receive the qualification.

Why should my child pursue a Bronze Medallion in Brisbane?

Queensland kids are water babies. We spend much of our outdoor lives in or near water, so water safety is of the upmost importance to all.

If your child receives the Bronze Medallion it will be in recognition of a course of hard work, determination, enthusiasm and a desire to be able to be of assistance to others. This course is tough but it’s a real confidence builder. Your child will be able to work as an individual or as part of a team, to make important decisions QUICKLY and it will greatly enhance the quality of resilience. These are all valuable life skills that will serve them long after they’ve hung up their swimming caps.

Where can my child go for their Bronze Medallion?

Most surf clubs (local and abroad) have a Bronze Medallion program so it’s merely a case of getting in contact with your closest club and asking them. It’s a common process so they’ll be placed into a course with children of similar age – another great opportunity to make new connections!

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