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Nesting 101 – New Baby Checklist | What Your New Baby Actually Needs

Our new baby checklist will show you exactly what you need (and what you don’t) to buy when you are planning for a new baby!

New baby checklist

You look at the pregnancy test again – Positive! You’re going to have a baby. A scurry of thoughts, random as they are, flood through your mind as you start to take a mental checklist of what you think you will need for the new arrival. And not only what you’ll need but how many, what colour and when will you use the item.

You may have been to some baby markets or a baby Expo and have subsequently added even more choices and options to the mix and feel completely overwhelmed. So what do you really need or not need for your new baby?

The staple items you will need for a new baby

The truth is, there are a lot of gimmicks out there that you may not necessarily need but which may come in handy. You may find alternative methods or products for things that your friends rave about and can’t live without. For example, you may be just as happy using a pillow when breastfeeding, however your friends rave about specially designed breastfeeding pillows they can’t live without.

I love this breastfeeding pillow and we think you will too! I used to walk around the house with it clipped on!#memories

When it comes to clothing you will need a handful of onesies – summer and winter as well as baby socks and booties and a couple of baby beanies (it’s important to keep their body temp consistent and baby hats do this well!)

Baby mittens are not really necessary nor are expensive baby outfits. Newborns are wrapped up and asleep 90% of the time and the outfits are rarely seen, not to mention Murphy’s Law says they’ll be the first items to be ruined with food or milk vomit. Bibs or a handtowel kept close by are usually very handy for those unplanned mishaps.

Muslins and feeding your new baby

new baby shops Toowoomba

You really need about 4000 muslin wraps, (ok maybe not 4000 but if you are going to buy anything ‘excessive’ these are where you could splurge), a couple of dummies (if you plan on using them) and about 6 bottles if you’re feeding the baby formula.

A breast pump is really handy to cater for times when you can’t breastfeed your baby directly but can subsequently feed them breastmilk from a bottle. You can go down the track of nappy bins and bottle sterilisers but really you can achieve the same result by wrapping nappies in doggy do bags to put in the bin and boiling the bottles in a saucepan of water on the stove to disinfect them.

What about baby monitors?

There are so many baby monitors and sleep movement monitors on the market that you’d be forgiven for being confused and somewhat scared into purchasing them. The bottom line is the choice is yours. It depends on the layout of your house. Is it two storey? How close are the bedrooms from the living areas? Is there any medical history to cause concerns about SIDS? Do your research about the BEST baby monitor for you and figure out if you need a video baby monitor or will you opt for a radio frequency one instead.

Baby wipes, baby wipes baby wipes

Baby wipes are the number one essential in our house (and my son is now 11!) and nappy rash creams are essentials for a baby right through to toilet training age. If you’re concerned or unsure whether your new baby may react to a product, track down a Bounty Bag from your local chemist or department store. These bags provide some great information booklets as well as samples from different brands for you to try.

The nappy wall

Start buying up nappies when they’re on sale whilst you’re pregnant. You’ll thank yourself later. Remember babies grow quickly so be sure to get a range of various sizes to cater accordingly and keep receipts to be able to return unopened boxes to be exchanged for larger sizes.

Strollers and prams

new baby

If you are not going to be a ‘baby wearing mama‘, you will definitely need a stroller or a pram. We love wrote about our favourites here and if you know you are having twins, check out the best double strollers for toddlers and infants here.

If you are travelling with your baby, you may like to check out this overview of best travel prams!

Cots and beds for babies

Here’s where you can really lose your mind in terms of what to buy for your new baby. Will you be co-sleeping? Do you want them in their own cot from day one? Do you want a bassinet and then will you transfer them to their own cot? Only you can answer these  questions based on your own values and needs. Time to get googling!

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What have you bought in the past that you wouldnt have bought again? Tell us in comments!

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