VIDEO REVIEW: Harry Potter Shop Samford | The Store of Requirement

Harry Potter Shop Samford - The Store of Requirement
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Do your kids know their Gryffindor from their Slytherin and their Hufflepuff from their Ravenclaw? If so, then the Harry Potter Shop (aka The Store of Requirement) in Samford might just be for you… err… your kids.. ??

The Harry Potter Shop that officially opened in July 2017 is about to celebrate its first birthday ! It most certainly has become THE place to get your fix of all things Harry Potter.

But is there Butter Beer? And is it Leviosah or Leviosaaaaaaah?

Where is the Harry Potter Shop?

The Harry Potter shop is called The Store of Requirement and is located 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD at 20 Station Street in Samford Village, 4520.

Samford is a town in Moreton Bay Region that consists of two localities, Samford Village and Samford Valley. Samford Village is a thriving township full of cute shops and cafes and is a family favourite for a reason!

 What is in the Store of Requirement?

The bricks and motar store is a spin off from the online store Ink Death Books which stocks, not only books, but souvenirs and collectables. They have a whole section called Harry’s Hut dedicated to Harry Potter collectables. It’s just so fitting for Potter fans! You can physically browse, see, touch and wonder over purchases in the company of fellow Potter Fanatics – all set amongst a gorgeous Samfordian backdrop.

We visited just before they celebrated their 1st birthday to take a look at what was actually in the store!

The store is wizard inspired and you truly will feel like you just stepped off Diagon Alley. They stock officially licensed merchandise. Like this…

… and much, much more!

But is there butter beer?

Watch our Store of Requirement video to find out more!

They even do Harry Potter themed birthday parties!!

What else is near The Store of Requirement?

If you dont fill up on Butter Beer and cakes from their own cafe, you can pop next door to the Flying Nun Cafe. Open 7 days a week, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

We enjoyed their breakfast burgers….

Harry Potter Shop - The Store of Requirement Samford

Then head over the road to the playground to give the kids a run around and a play on the climbing equipment and the swings!

Add this destination to your Brisbane Days Out with kids!

Where are other Harry Potter tourist spots?

For the die hard Harry Potter fans, we recommend a trip to the UK to visit the Warner Brothers Studio Tour where the movies were actually made!

Check out our short Harry Potter video

Make sure you follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with their new additions.

Witches and wizards welcome! Pottermania is truly RIGHT HERE in Brisbane!

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  1. Joanne Crane says:

    Hi Frances, the hours are in the video. Open Weds to Sun, 10am to 4pm 😉

  2. Frances van der meer says:

    When are you open days times? Are you open tomorrow sat?

  3. Cathy B says:

    That’s so cool, next time we come to Brisbane , we’ll definitely visit…for the kids. Haven’t been to Samford/Dayboro for years, I’m sure it’s all changed and would be a good day out.

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