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ModiBodi | Security Knickers For Confident Women

What are period knickers? Modibodi have taught me they are not the stained rags I slide into when I get blindsided by that monthly surprise (why am I never ready?) but amazing natural fibre comfort panties which solve that pesky leakage problem no one talks about! You know when you are run off your feet and don’t quite manage to change your sanitary product fast enough? Or those last few days where an expensive pad or tampon feels wasteful but you still need protection? Modibodi has the solution with their moisture wicking, super comfortable, machine washable underwear solution.

Undies For Women With Trust Issues

ModiBodi | Security Knickers For Confident Women

I will shield you from images of my ‘B-team’ underwear drawer but needless to say every purchase of undies outside the black or red colour scheme is folly. Modibodi has worked out that the female body delights in monthly pranks and delivered me 2 pairs of super soft form-fitting underwear with inbuilt Modifier TechnologyTM that wicks moisture, is absorbent, stops odour and is stain resistant. This underwear protects us from leakage be it sweat, weak bladder post childbirth or in general and menstruation leaks. You won’t realise what a relief this is until you try it- YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM! Two pairs is the right amount to realise they are amazing and you need more.

Practical And Comfortable: Underwear Essentials

ModiBodi | Security Knickers For Confident Women

I’ve trialled the Sensual High Waist Bikini and Active Air Brief for two months and they are definitely worth the investment. The Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini offers more absorbency and thus has a slightly bulkier gusset (only 3mm so I’m being a princess). Initially I noticed it but soon grew used to the thicker fabric. The moisture wicking is impeccable and provided enough security to enjoy a skirt with reckless abandon!

The Active Air Brief is a lighter protection which meant it feels just like a super comfy pair of normal undies. In those light post flow days it was invaluable to provide protection without committing to sanitary products. I was washing them and hanging them out each day to keep up!

Why Stop With Undies? Whole Body Coverage!

Buoyed from the feedback of confident dry women, Modibodi have expanded their range to include Maternity lace boyleg underwear (sometimes out of stock so grab some quick) and a highly practical Breastfeeding Singlet (Baby Awards finalist 2016). No more waking in milky puddle and then smelling like cheese all day- hooray! These items would make thoughtful and indulgent baby shower or new mum gifts and you can then enjoy the smug feeling of knowing you bought the best gift. Modibodi have also partnered with Share The Dignity Australia to support homeless women and women escaping domestic violence; they just can’t help being excellent people! It’s kinda rude not to get some…

Check out the full range – guaranteed, you’ll be converted too! Click here.

Support a local entrepreneur by indulging yourself with Modibodi!

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