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Kaleidoscope feature
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Kaleidoscope, directed by Chelsea McGuffin, is an evocative show of colour and light that allows audiences to see the world from a different angle. It’s playing as part of the Brisbane Festival 2017 programme of events from Tuesday 26th September to Thursday 28th September.


Kaleidoscope – Brisbane Festival 2017

As diagnosis, awareness and understanding of the lives of people on the Autistic Spectrum increases, it’s fabulous to see a show that provides artistic and beautiful representation of difference. Seeing different stories and hearing different voices on stage goes a long way towards promoting tolerance and understanding, as well as providing a respectful and inclusive space.

Kaleidoscope three dancers

Ethan, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was four, speaks his truth through physicality, colour and light. He interacts with and understand the world through the sensations of touch – from the tips of his fingers to the toes on his feet. Ethan’s world is a beautiful kaleidoscope of wonder and it’s an honour to be invited to share it with him.

Life is a beautiful circus

kaleidoscope ethan

Ethan performs his identity on stage through a physical form that he loves – circus. He is joined onstage throughout Kaleidoscope by five different circus performers. Moving together, they explore his incredible beautiful world through a variety of movement and visual forms. Acrobatics, slapstick, music, movement and vibrant video projections take the audience on a journey that will leave them delighted at every twist, turn and tumble.

An invitation to participate

A free play space is located in the Cremorne Balcony Foyer where patrons (adult and child alike) are invited to explore, move and create. This is intended to break walls down – to invite us to put aside our perceptions and preoccupations and step into the wonder and beauty of Ethan’s world.

There are a number of post-show workshops that are open for children between the ages of 5 to 13.

This is an evocative, emotional and exciting performance not to be missed.

Brisbane Festival 2017

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