Easy Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Halloween make up tutorial 4
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Looking for fun and easy Halloween face painting ideas? How about this vampire look? It’s easily done in 4 simple steps – all you need is some safe face paint a few brushes and to follow our step by step guide.

You could also get your kids into the Halloween spirit by teaching them the real meaning of Halloween.

These are the things you will need:

  • Large brush (Size 8), medium brush (Size 4), small brush (Size 2).
  • 2 soft sponges
  • Water spray bottle (that produces a fine mist)
  • Face paint palettes in black and white and red

Easy to follow step by step Halloween face painting guide:

Step 1:

halloween-make-up-tutorial-1 - white vampire face - Halloween face painting

Using the water spray bottle, spray water onto the white paint palette. With a soft sponge, dab a white base all around face right up to the hairline.

Step 2:

alloween-make-up-tutorial-2 - add spooky eyes Halloween face painting

Using the water spray bottle, spray water onto the black paint palette. With a soft sponge, dab on some black paint and sponge over the eyelids lightly. Using a small wet brush add some white paint and add some fangs coming down from each corner of the mouth.

Step 3:

halloween-make-up-tutorial-3 - add teeth Halloween face painting

Using a medium wet brush, load it with black paint and paint on some eyebrows. Using a small brush, and black paint, outline the fangs.

Step 4:

Halloween face painting make-up-tutorial-4 - finished vampire look

Using a medium wet brush, loaded with red paint, add dots and splashes to look like blood coming out from the corners of the eyes and mouth. Now you’ve created an easy Halloween face painting winner for your Little Miss or Little Mister.

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