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Gold Coast Basketball - Basketball for kids Toowoomba
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Are you looking for options for Basketball in Toowoomba for your kids?

The fast-paced energetic game of basketball has long been a favourite amongst kids in Toowoomba. If your child dreams of being the next Torrey Craig, or even aspires to the lofty greatness of LeBron James, finding them a local junior basketball for kids team in Toowoomba is the best way to get them started. We’ve compiled a list of all the local basketball for kids associations in Toowoomba and its surrounds, and with so many affiliated organisations across Basketball Queensland there’s sure to be a team near you!


What: The Toowoomba Basketball Association runs basketball competitions at a number of Toowoomba primary and secondary schools, with senior students competing for the John Gouldson Champion Boys School Trophy and Kathy Gouldson Champion Girls School Trophy.

To see if your child’s school is involved visit the Toowoomba Basketball Association website. If your child is looking for a team that’s not associated with a particular school keep scrolling down for our list of affiliated clubs.

Where: Clive Berghofer Arena, 235 Herries Street, Toowoomba
Contact: 4632 8159; office@toowoombabasketball.com.au; juniors@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Affiliated Clubs:

Saints Basketball Club
Contact: saints@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Eagles Basketball Club
Contact: eagles@toowoombabasketball.com.au

USQ Basketball Club
Contact: usq@toowoombabasketball.com.au

All Stars Basketball Club
Contact: allstars@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Harristown Runnin’ Rebels
Contact: runninrebels@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Withcott Wildfire Basketball Club Inc.
Contact: withcott@toowoombabasketball.com.au

Which ever team you choose to support or, in fact you choose a different sport all together, you can res assured that being active, healthy and fit will ensure you kids are winners regardless of their sporting achievements!

Looking for more ways to get the kids active in Toowoomba?

We highly recommend you check out Toowoomba Indoor Sports. This is the premier indoor sports venue in Toowoomba and boasts six playing courts and one practice net, set up complete with a bowling machine. The Sporting Arena is sure to offer a sport that appeals to your children. Whether they’re only young or a growing teenager, with a plethora of options available there’ll be something to suit them. Why not bring the whole family in on the fun too? Find out more here in our full review!

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  1. Milissa says:

    My son wants to play basketball he is 6 years old and really keen to play is there any teams he can join in toowoomba

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