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CrossFit Kids: What is it and Where is it in Toowoomba?

It’s the strength and conditioning fitness phenomenon that has taken Australia by storm and Toowoomba hasn’t missed out on the buzz. CrossFit isn’t just for the hard core gym junkies, military or professional athletes. It’s really scalable to suit all fitness levels and ages regardless of experience.

CrossFit Kids is, as the name suggests, specifically tailored to children from as young as 5 years and up. Now, before you prejudge and think it’s too full on for your child, just stop to consider the benefits of this type of exercise, not to mention the supportive, inspiring community it feeds.

3 reasons your child should give CrossFit Kids a go

If your child has low confidence, lack of self-discipline, weight issues or lack of commitment, then you have every reason to consider CrossFit Kids as an extra-curricular activity.

  1. Lifestyle Benefits – Kids should be learning early on about the benefits of great food and regular exercise for their wellbeing. This is a really fun way for them to learn about their body, see results and they will also see that their parents value fitness as a priority.
  2. Physical Benefits – Kids brains are like sponges, soaking up every bit of information and eager to learn new things. So the more you can expose your kids to regular, challenging exercise the more it will help them develop motor skills and discipline around fitness which will be life-long.
  3. Emotional Benefits – With a martial arts basis, CrossFit can develop children’s focus, self-discipline, manners, teamwork, sportsmanship and listening skills. It goes without saying that, these skills then lead to feelings of greater self-worth and confidence.

Where is there a CrossFit Kids in Toowoomba?

Want more information? Here are a couple of CrossFit providers in Toowoomba who offer CrossFit Kids programs:

CrossFit Toowoomba

1/82 North Street, North Toowoomba

CrossFit Coraggio

55 Bellevue Street, Toowoomba

Mon, Wed, Fri – 3:45pm (11-16 years)

Tues, Thurs – 3:45pm (6-10 years)

Other Major CrossFit Providers in Toowoomba

Whilst these CrossFit providers below don’t specifically advertise that they offer the CrossFit Kids program, it’s worth asking them. Otherwise, maybe it’s time to hear your own CrossFit Roar as they say.

CrossFit Confront

127 Campbell Street, Toowoomba

CrossFit Highfields

Unit 4 / 15 Darian Street, Highfield Industrial Estate

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