Humpybong Community Playground | On the foreshore in Margate!

Humpybong Community Playground
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A combined innovation from the Moreton Bay Regional Council and Humpybong State School means local kids score BIG with the new Humpybong Community Playground.

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Humpybong State School partners with local council

If there’s one thing we all know kids LOVE, it’s a cleverly designed playground! The Margate community have been keen on a new playground for their kids for a long time and the Council have been searching high and low for a great space to re-invent and, in a first for the region, they’ve decided to partner with a local primary school!

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A great new local playground for Brisbane families

The new Humpybong Community Playground is open and raring to go! It’s a reinvention of the existing playground at Humpybong State School to make it open and accessible to members of the public outside of school hours. Local residents will be able to access the new playground outside of school hours via a gate from Margate Parade, while fences and a locked gate will block off access to the rest of the school.

This innovative space offers more than 150 different activity combinations including a large timber climbing frame, forts, slides, spinning tops, swings, hopscotch and undercover seating areas. The school’s P & C association played a big part in getting it up and running so you’ll notice that the design is very child-friendly. This is a space that kids will actually want to be in!

Things to be aware of in this playground

This is a shared space between Humpybong State School and the local area. As a result, members of the public do not have access to this area during school hours. It is strictly for the use of primary school children ONLY at that time and you will be considered to be trespassing if you insist on being there.

Humpybong Community Playground was funded partially by the council and partially by the school. This is a huge asset to the local area and it’s going to take everyone working together to make sure it stays in pristine condition that we can all be proud of.

Check out the Humpybong Community Playground!

The playground is now open and in use… why not check it out this weekend?!

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