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The Family Friendly Balter Brewery

Some things become a distant memory when you become a parent. Such as the feeling of being well rested, having time to do as you please and of course spending an afternoon chilling out sipping cold beer and enjoying food truck delights.

Dad helping kids climb tree with lights at Balter Brewery

We all dream about having ‘one more day’ in this kind of happy, relaxed haze and the good news is Balter have read your dream journal and created a brewery in Currumbin that is family friendly. It’s gorgeous, spacious, have a cool outdoor area the kids can happily run around on and there is beer … and food.

Parents you are invited to rejoin the afternoon delights of hanging out with friends (outside of your home) and enjoying a brew or two!

What you’ll find at Balter Brewery

Balter can be found at 14 Traders Way in Currumbin.


It’s the very cool building with the word Beer (oh and a smiling face) signed at the front. It’s open on Friday 3pm – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 1pm – 8pm.

front of building Balter Brewery


They don’t take bookings so you can just stroll on in once you have the kids organised. They describe themselves as being a ‘kid friendly venue’ but ask that you keep an eye on your offspring as they don’t want kids running around in the car park or up alongside the buildings …it’s not much to ask and parents always seem so willing to comply when there is so much fun to be had.

There is so much to try out (or you can just choose to pull up a pew and relax) once you arrive. Balter exercises an ‘open door policy’ so you’re welcome to tour the facility, try out the beers on tap, enjoy special events, music, delicious and changing menu through the changing food truck concept Balter has established and of course the great service from the  Balter Brewery crew.


family enjoying Balter Brewery

The Family Friendly Brewery putting a smile on parents faces

Balter offers families everything they need for an afternoon relaxing in the sun. From the moment you step through the door, it seems that the giant warehouse which is Balter HQ has been designed to incorporate families into the equation.

There is comfortable seating, spread out around the industrial chic setting. Tables are positioned apart, meaning that prams are easy parked and large groups very welcome.


Kids having fun at Balter Brewery

There are a range of options from comfortable couches, high bar stool seating, tables and chairs and the very kid friendly outdoor area – complete with synthetic grass, party lights and bench seating. In conjunction to this Balter offers a range of beers to sample (non-drinkers will find something lovely as well) and each week there is a different food truck parked to the side of the warehouse.

To get the down low on what food will be there for your visit, check out the website.


outdoor area at Balter Brewery

What’s on for families at  Balter Brewery

For families  Balter Brewery has lot of offer. The outdoor area in particular seems like the place to be if you have children of moving age.

A general feeling of watching out for each other’s kids, allows parents to socialise freely and know that there is a group of highly tuned, hawk eyed individuals all watching out for little ones trying to run off. It is a good idea to bring a few toys along if you kids like to play, as mine tend to end up trying to jump off the bench seats if we don’t have something they can focus on in this space.


mums enjoying Balter Brewery

Everything is setup to make it enjoyable for families, I’m not sure if that was the intention but it certainly makes this local tourist really happy. From the food trucks, which as you may know pump out food really quickly making them an ideal option for hungry youngsters. Most food trucks also have ‘kid friendly’ options so this makes it even more agreeable.

Then there’s the restroom. They are really really nice.

This joint has class and it’s reflected in everything they do.


kids having fun at Balter Brewery

Hot Tips!

  • Plenty of free parking in front of Balter and along Traders Way
  • You can pay with card in Balter and the food trucks, so no cash stop required
  • The staff at Balter are really really helpful. I cannot rate them enough. They help if you have too much to carry, they ask if you’re okay and they can advise you on beer, they really make families feel welcome which is nice.

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