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Hiking Mount Glorious with Kids

Encapsulating a generous range of experiences to satisfy the entire family; it’s no wonder Mt Glorious is an acclaimed natural getaway right on Brisbane’s doorstep. The region offers visitors the opportunity to explore its dense subtropical rainforest, hiding within it well maintained bush walks, astonishing Mt Glorious lookouts, picnic areas, swimming holes, nearby eateries, captivating creatures, and unique plant species to admire. With the clear family-friendly variety on offer, the journey can be a great excuse to get the kids out of the house and introduce them to one of the many beautiful ecosystems of D’Aguilar National Park.

Interested in embarking on one of the many Mt Glorious walking tracks on offer? Here’s some more information about Mt Glorious to help plan your visit, including its location, hiking durations, the best time of year to visit, the type of plants and creatures you can expect to see, helpful tips to know before visiting, and some noteworthy attractions located nearby.

Where is Mt Glorious?

Mt Glorious lies 40km north-west of Brisbane, taking approximately 50 minutes to reach via car. The region lies in the Southern portion of D’Aguilar National Park and is home to a collection of walking tracks and lookouts for visitors to admire.

Reaching Mt Glorious is as easy as ever, with direct access available via Samford and Highvale. Although, those wishing to take the scenic route can head to the park via Waterworks Road toward the Enoggera Reservoir. Follow along Mt Nebo – Mt Glorious Road, through to Jolly’s Lookout and Mt Nebo Village. Continue further on the winding road, past Westridge Lookout, and you’ll reach Mt Glorious and Maiala National Park.

How long does it take to hike Mt Glorious?

The appropriately named Mt Glorious houses a generous range of walking tracks to accommodate the entire family. Varying in lengths and difficulty, the hikes on offer commonly include diverse, exclusive features, making each individual journey a memorable trip.

Ranging from a small staircase made from a fallen tree to a rainforest boardwalk, here are some of the most notable Mt Glorious walks.


Home to a vast collection of facilities to enjoy, Maiala is the perfect spot to sit back, enjoy a picnic, and embrace the tranquil side of Mt Glorious. The area offers shaded eating areas, wide open views, seating, toilets, and BBQs. To top it off, the area offers access to three popular hiking trails, making it the ideal location to start exploring the parkland.

Rainforest Circuit

Extending over 1.9km, the Rainforest Circuit is one of the easier Mt Glorious walking tracks on offer. Starting from the Maiala picnic area, the journey features rushing streams and ancient trees to admire. The trek is very suitable for children, although there are some mild gradients toward the end of the trail. There are also a variety of cafes conveniently located nearby to refuel from the adventure.

Greene’s Falls Circuit


The hike to Greene’s Falls starts from Maiala and extends over 2.2km (return). The walk includes a variety of interesting features, including a boardwalk passing over rainforest pools as well as steps made from a toppled tree. The Greene’s Falls Circuit leads onto the Rainforest Circuit.

Western Window

The entry to the Western Widow is located across the road from Maiala and offers spectacular views of the Great Dividing Range. The walk is reasonably short, although it includes a few steep inclines and steps.

When’s the best time to hike Mt Glorious?

The best time to set off on an adventure to Mt Glorious will be largely dictated by the time of year you’re hoping to visit. Are you hoping to experience a variety of attractions in one day? Or are you wanting to enjoy comfortable hiking conditions? Consider the experience you’re hoping to attain before organising a time-frame.

For example, the Autumn and Spring months bring forward comfortable hiking conditions as well as a vibrant, blooming rainforest backdrop to walk among. On the other hand, a visit in Winter can offer much cooler hiking conditions, as well as earlier sunsets.

Finally, a trip to Mt Glorious in the summer months will often deliver much hotter hiking conditions, however, the days are usually much longer, offering more time for eager explorers to see more of Mt Glorious and D’Aguilar National Park. That being said, summer is typically the wet season of Australia, so be sure to check the forecast while planning your visit.

Time of day also dramatically effects the experience attained through a visit to Mt Glorious, with different times bringing forth alternative atmospheres to appreciate. For example, visiting in the late afternoon can be a peaceful experience, with yellow and pink splashes illuminating the sky as the sun sets over the horizon. Similar views can also be attained during sunrise for those eager to make the trip in the earlier hours of the morning.

What else is there to do near Mt Glorious?

Mount Glorious is clearly an engaging rainforest destination located on the cusp of Brisbane, although it’s not the only attraction of the region to explore. Scattered around the edge of Mt Glorious is a variety of exciting swimming holes and picnic areas to explore for yourself, with each new location bringing forth a platter of features worth seeing. Here are a few attractions to include on your visit to Mt Glorious.

Enjoy a meal with a view

Mt Glorious cafes are of abundances and are perfect for grabbing a bite to eat to refuel between adventures. One of the most stunning eateries is the Cloverlea Cottage, delivering mountain-top views overlooking Moreton Bay. The venue serves a collection of treats, including scones, cakes, grinders coffee, loose leaf teas, milkshakes, slices, and much more. Seasonal menus are also available.

Northbrook Gorge

Located only 12 minutes from Mt Glorious, Northbrook Gorge is the perfect place to cool off among a colourful, natural backdrop. The area features crystal clear, ankle-deep and waist-deep swimming areas, as well as multiple rock pools to explore. The swimming holes are also well shaded by the surrounding forest and adjacent gorge walls.

Andy Williams Park

Families on the hunt for a scenic picnic area near Mt Glorious can consider visiting Andy Williams Park, located only 20 minutes away. The riverfront area has a collection of facilities, including picnic tables, BBQs, and toilets. Rock pools can also be found in Andy Williams Park.

The Lyell Deer Sanctuary

Although the Lyell Deer Sanctuary is located slightly further away from Mt Glorious, the trip is definitely worth the reward. Deer freely roam over 7 acres, with visiting hours between 10 am and 4 pm on weekends. The peaceful location is home to a small number of Red, Rusa, and Fallow Deer, and offers food, crafting, and education opportunities. Not to mention, pellets can be purchased for anyone interested in feeding the deer. Family/ group bookings can be made throughout the week. The Lyell Deer Sanctuary is located 30 minutes from Mt Glorious.

Wivenhoe Lookout

Located only 13 minutes from Mt Glorious, the Wivenhoe Lookout delivers exceptional views of Lake Wivenhoe and the surrounding landscape to admire. Walking to the lookout is reasonably short and easy, with minimal inclines involved. After parking in the carpark, head up the stairs and follow the signs through a dense forest. The lookout will suddenly reveal itself alongside the stunning views. If you head over in the late afternoon, you can admire the sun setting over the landscape – just be sure to remember your sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat.

The types of flora and fauna throughout Mt Glorious

Mt Glorious is a diverse environment, home to a range of different plant and animal species. Due to a combination of location and climate, the growth of various rainforest species is encouraged. This includes strangling figs, towering palms, buttress roots and many more vibrant species that prefer a dark, wet environment. These plants simultaneously attract many different creatures to Mt Glorious, including tropical birds, frogs, angle headed dragons, bandicoots, the tiger quoll, the red-legged pademelon, and more.

While you’re exploring Mt Glorious, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these captivating creatures, although be sure to remain level-headed, keep a safe distance, and respect these species, along with their habitat.

What should you know before visiting Mt Glorious?

Mt Glorious is an extremely entertaining destination, with a vast range of bushwalking trails available to suit the entire family. However, there are a few simple things to keep in mind before embarking on one of these journeys to ensure the best possible experience is attained.

First off, always remember to leave only footprints and take only memories. This partially means to take all your rubbish with you when leaving the parkland or dispose of any waste in designated bins. This is to ensure the area remains as pristine as you found it, so those visiting after you can enjoy Mt Glorious to the same level of quality you did. This also means to avoid taking any plant life or wildlife with you when leaving.

These species potentially play a larger role in the ecosystem than you realise, and removing them could have negative effects on the creatures that depend on them for survival. It’s best to play it safe and leave everything the way you found it.

Next, it’s of utmost importance that you always strive to stay on the track when hiking on Mt Glorious. Straying from the path cannot only compromise your own safety but may also lead to the destruction of smaller habitats that many creatures depend upon. Rather than running the risk, it’s typically much safer to just remain on the path.

Finally, as your trip to Mt Glorious will likely entail a journey into unfamiliar surroundings, it’s always smart to set off on your adventure prepared for the unexpected. So, how can you be prepared? Before departing, remember to pack a few supplies including food, water, sun protection, navigation tools, and anything else you may need. These tips are simple to implement and can help to ensure your time at Mt Glorious is unforgettable in the best possible way.

Hiking Mount Glorious with kids

Mt Glorious is a gem north-west of Brisbane, home to an exciting range of activities for the entire family to enjoy. Ranging between the beautiful bush walks and picnic areas to colourful lookouts and refreshing swimming holes, the region incorporates a variety of elements to make the adventure all the more memorable. Not to mention, scattered around Mt Glorious are many different attractions to couple with your visit, including Northbrook Gorge, the Lyell Deer Sanctuary, and Andy Williams Park.

For those eager to spot a handful of captivating creatures, Mt Glorious can deliver. The region is comprised of a collection of rainforest species, including tropical birds, frogs, the angle headed dragon, bandicoots, the tiger quoll, and the red-legged pademelon. Not to mention, there’s also plenty of fresh plant-life to admire, including strangling figs, towering palms, buttress roots and more.

Next time you’re on the hunt for an exciting day trip from Brisbane, take a good look at Mt Glorious. Home of serene locations and adventure-fuel activities, there’s something available to suit everyone.

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