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Crazy Arms Sun Protection | Fun Protection for the Family!

Crazy Arms? – pretty sensible actually! We’ve taken a look at this innovative sun protection product designed right here in Australia and spoken to one of the founding business partners to bring you the full Crazy Arms sun protection story.

What are Crazy Arms?

Crazy Arms are a fun, funky slip-on sleeve that offers UPF 50+ sun protection for the whole family. They’re made from recycled materials and designed to wick away moisture, making them cool to wear in every sense. They are available in a range of designs, from plain colours to match school and sporting uniforms to bright and crazy patterns to suit all fashion tastes.

The background story

The Crazy Arms story began with three Aussie dads, one of whom had already had a skin cancer diagnosis. Together they began a journey of research and product development to find a no-fuss slip-on sun protection sleeve for kids to wear with t-shirts and uniforms.

The discoveries

While looking into the causes of skin cancers, the dads learned from Professor Michael Kimlin at Sunshine Coast Health Institute that exposure to the sun’s rays from an early age impacts a body’s DNA, leaving skin vulnerable. Sun protection for kids is vital for future health.

To make their product idea viable, they found an amazing 100% recycled UPF 50+ material which they printed in a range of fun patterns and designs that would appeal to 5-11 year olds.

“The Crazy Arms sleeves have been a great hit with the kids,” Martin, one of the Founders tells us, “so we’ve now extended the range to include ‘one-size-fits-most’ adult Crazy Arms for mums, dads and grandparents, helping the older generations stay protected and model sun smart behaviour”.

What material is used to make Crazy Arms?

Reclaimed fishing nets, Crazy Arms

This is the really great bit – Crazy Arms sun protection sleeves are ocean-friendly, made mainly from reclaimed ‘ghost’ fishing nets that have been abandoned in our oceans. 

An organisation called the Healthy Seas Initiative has given these ghost nets a second life. They work with local fishermen to retrieve the nets and partner with a textiles company who use them to produce a recycled nylon called Econyl®. This recycled material is then used to make a number of products from clothing to swimwear and Crazy Arms sun protective sleeves. Crazy Arms are

✓ environmentally friendly
✓ ocean friendly
✓ 100% recycled
✓ moisture-wicking
✓ cool to wear

Protection from the Australian sun

Australians are very good at knowing the slip, slop, slap, seek and slide rules but putting them into practice can sometimes be difficult. (For those of you who don’t know, it’s slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek shade and slide on your sunnies). 

We live in a beautiful country that encourages outdoor activities. Aussies love outdoor dining and barbecues, field and adventure sports, water activities and exploring our parks and open spaces. Avoiding the sun just isn’t an option!

Clothing is king when it comes to sun protection. If the sun can’t touch your skin, it can’t damage it. Areas that can’t be covered up with clothing are best covered with sunscreen before sun exposure, but this in itself can be problematic. There are those with sensitive skin who develop rashes and irritations from sunscreen, kids who don’t want to wait for sunscreen to soak in before playing, and almost everyone forgets to reapply sunscreen every few hours or after swimming. 

The Crazy Arms advantages

Crazy Arms sun protection sleeves have a number of advantages that make them convenient and fun to use. They’re

✓ portable – roll them up and keep them in your pocket, bag or car’s glove box for whenever the sun comes out
✓ convenient – simply slide the sleeves on and you’re good to go; no waiting for sunscreen to soak in!
✓ comfortable – made from stretchy light-weight moisture wicking fabric
✓ 100% mess free – no drips of sunscreen on your floors or clothing
✓ ideal for sensitive skins that react to sunscreen ingredients
✓ perfect for school wear – match them to your uniform and slide them on at break time and off when you go back inside
✓ cool in the pool – splash around knowing your arms are protected
✓ chlorine resistant to reduce fading and prevent breakdown
✓ protective even when wet – pour water on the sleeves and let the evaporation add that extra luxurious cooling touch … air-conditioning for your arms!

…and not only all that, but Crazy Arms has advantages for your sporting club too!

Crazy Arms Sports Club Program

Crazy Arms soccer

Protection from harmful UV rays while playing sport is really important, especially for children. Bad sunburns early in life can cause damage leading to skin cancer later.

Crazy Arms have been created to fit underneath sports shirts to provide UPF 50+ protection on the sports field for sports like cricket, summer soccer, golf, netball and tennis. They come in a variety of colours in sizes from age 5 up to adult. They also fit snugly under elbow pads for kids who like to skate, scooter, or bike ride.
Sign your club up to the Crazy Arms Sports Club Program and your club will get $4 into the club funds for every pair sold!

Supporting Aussie industry

When you buy Crazy Arms sun protection you are buying a product that is designed and manufactured in Australia, from an Australian company.

Caring for your Crazy Arms

Crazy Arms breathable fabric means the sleeves don’t need frequent washing. Use cool gentle machine cycles with mild detergent. Do not use softeners or bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Simply dry in the great outdoors.  

Crazy Arms for everyone!

Crazy Arms are for everyone who loves to spend time outdoors, whether that’s in hot pursuit of a football, taking a leisurely stroll around a market, having fun at the beach, or relaxing in the garden – or enjoying any other outdoor pursuit or pastime.

Designs for kids

There are plain colours to match school uniforms or sports teams, and a fantastic selection of patterns and designs to appeal to all age groups. One of the latest designs is reminiscent of a certain pixelated (blocky) digital ‘sandpit’ game that kids love. Another is ideal for fans of a particular snow-enchanted animated movie! See the full kids’ range here.

Designs for adults

Adult designs have recently been introduced in response to parents’ requests. Modelling good sun-safe behaviours is easy in ‘one-size-fits-most’ adult Crazy Arms!

Like the kids’ range, adult Crazy Arms are available in a range plain colours, ideal for sport supporters and participants or for matching to your summer clothing. Adult Crazy Arms are also available in a camouflage design, which adds a touch of fun and complements many neutral clothing tones. See the range for adults here.

Great for gifts!

Crazy Arms gifts

When you give Crazy Arms as a gift you’re saying you care. Low cost, reusable and long lasting, Crazy Arms are a perfect for any occasion. Consider Crazy Arms for

✓ Christmas stocking stuffers for every member of the family
✓ Secret Santa or Kris Kringle in the workplace
✓ Birthdays! Your child can ‘twinsie’ with their bestie!
✓ Tradies and gardeners who spend hours outdoors
✓ Sport Club sign-on packs
✓ Overseas visitors unused to our climate
✓ Prep enrolment welcome packs – teach sun protection from the very first day of school
✓ Anyone and everyone!

Tried and tested

We’ve previously tested this product on a five year old – passed with flying colours! – but what about those oh-so-fashion-conscious teens?

I generously offered to take my two teens and their friends for a day out. On the car journey as they argued about whose playlist they should listen to, I tossed a bottle of sunscreen at them and told them to apply it. Boy did they grumble… “it’s greasy; my skin doesn’t like it; yuck it smells; I promise I’ll stay in the shade”… were all arguments thrown at me. With a little persuasion my son finally covered his neck and ears while the girls reluctantly applied a little to their hands and (because I laughed so hard) to the exposed skin under their ripped jeans. Mission accomplished – kind of.

Once at our destination I surprised them all when, with a flourish and ta-dah, I whipped out a pair of Crazy Arms for each of them. My son was easily persuaded; he’s a basketballer and already wears them in his team colours when shooting hoops outside anyway. The youngest girl agreed with no fuss and got first dibs on the colour choice. The two 15-year olds, however, were instantly more concerned about their Instagram grid than sun safety (mums of teenage girls, I know you’re hearing me!). 

A swift application of “mum voice” got them pulling on their sleeves and, having discovered they were not yuck or itchy to wear after all, they were off and posing in all their teen glory.

The collective verdict

✓ None of the kids reported the sleeves rolling down or the elasticated top irritating
✓ None of the kids said they were hot or uncomfortable to wear
✓ None of the kids reported any restriction of movement
✓ After initial embarrassment of me making them wear them, they all forgot they were wearing them!
✓ Taking them off at the end of the day, their skin felt ‘cleaner’ than it did with sunscreen on
✓ They’re actually ‘ok’

So there you have it, a five-year old, a 13-year old, a 14-year old, two 15-year olds, and a forty-something-ish year old all give Crazy Arms the thumbs up!

Crazy Arms thumbs up

Find out more

To learn more about Crazy Arms, visit the website or Crazy Arms Facebook page.

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