Koala Spotting Brisbane? Try Freshwater National Park!

Freshwater National Park feature
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Freshwater National Park is in Brisbane’s ‘deep north’ and might just provide you the opportunity to see koalas in the wild. Interested?

Freshwater National Park

Freshwater National Park is a bird and koala habitat near Deception Bay (within the Caboolture Shire).

Freshwater Natural Park map

The national park covers about 94 hectares of pristine land and was established as a protected natural area in 1973.

Despite the park’s relatively small size, there is a surprisingly high amount of wildlife to be found within its borders.

What kinds of animals might we see at Freshwater National Park?

(Please keep in mind – as these are WILD ANIMALS there is no guarantee of an experience)

Many species of birds call Freshwater National Park their home. Keen Brisbane birdwatchers might spot:

  • Honeyeaters
  • Australian fairywrens
  • Wedge-tailed eagles
  • White-throated gerygones
  • Spangled drongos
  • Rainbow bee-eaters

As well as any number of more common bird species.

Traditionally, koalas have frequented the area. They are not as common in number as they once were, due to habitat and population density issues, but the quiet and lucky park explorer may just spot them!

Insects, rich and varied vegetation and all manner of beautiful scenery await!

Freshwater National Park scenery

What should we keep in mind?

  • This is a pretty ‘back to basics’ area in terms of facilities
  • The ground is quite flat and there are walking trails throughout
  • There is space to take a picnic and enjoy the area. If you are, though, remember to take all rubbish WITH you and to be respectful of the surrounds. Do not disturb or remove any vegetation or natural life.

What’s the best way to get to Freshwater National Park?

Exit the Bruce Highway near New Settlement Road. Your best bet for parking is along either Deception Bay Road or Priests Road.

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