Mt Tamborine Gallery Walk and Shopping for Families

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Thinking about checking out the Mt Tamborine Gallery Walk? Or perhaps some other art galleries on Mt Tamborine? Ensure your visit to Mount Tamborine is complete with a little dash of culture and art. There are many gallery and shopping options that you may not have even considered! Don’t miss out on this little dose of local flavour.

Mt Tamborine district art galleries

Australian art and artists have a long and rich history of being associated with natural settings. Local artisans, crafters, jewellery makers and others in the creative trades often rely on tourists in order to pay the bills. Make sure you support local creative industries and detour to one of these wonderful gallery stops.

1. Arthur Hamblin Art Gallery

You’ll find this art gallery inside the Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery. Hamblin is renowned for his creative use of oils and experimentations in water colour paintings. The gallery is open from 10am to 4pm daily.

2. Art Gallery Studio Retreat

This is a working studio for artists and artisans. It’s very small, quite eclectic and very much worth a pop-in if you’re artistically inclined and in the area. Email or call 0418 887 646 if you’re interested.

3. Under the Greenwood Tree

In the words of the owner – “It’s not Secret Garden, but it is very nice!”. This is a bookshop and art venue. Open 10 to 4 each day (apart from Tuesdays) stop in for a wander, a wonder and a walk amongst the variety of Australian art, fine craft and design on rotating display.

4. Hilltop on Tamborine

Hilltop on Tamborine art gallery

Local artists from Queensland are prominently featured in the art gallery at “Hilltop”. There is a 2-4 weekly rotation to ensure guests have interesting and varied viewing experiences and so that newer artists may also have the chance to exhibit. Meals are also served here so a journey to Hilltop can be a well-rounded artistic afternoon.

Shopping at Mt Tamborine

1. The famous Mt Tamborine Gallery Walk

Rodeo Drive? Chapel Street? No thanks, I’ll take The Gallery Walk at Mt Tamborine.

If you’re looking for retail therapy then look no further. Shop after shop of brightly coloured, incredibly varied wares offering locals and visitors a vast array of options. Sweet shops, arts and crafts, clothing, jewellery, antiques, glass works, sculptures, food and drink, cheeses, wineries – why go anywhere else?

Enjoy the shopping and galleries at Mount Tamborine

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