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A family trip to Europa Park in Germany

A guest blog from Laure Roberts about her family trip to Europa park in Germany

Lots of our friends think we are brave parents taking our 2 kids on a “unimaginable” 24-hour trip to Europe. But I am telling you, it’s all about motivation and preparation. Yes, there is going to be noise and frustration but who cares: do you realise how noisy a plane is anyway?! You even get some compassionate looks from a few parents with older kids: “yep! ‘been there, done that!”

Anyway, if you ever dare taking the plane with your crazy possums – I mean adorable children – and go and visit Europe, please do yourself a favour: go to Europa Park in Germany!

Why is Europa Park great for families?

Europa park Germany

This Theme Park was well above and beyond my expectations and we’ve been to a few around the world. They know how to make you scream, laugh, have fun and spend one a-ma-zing day. They know how to please the whole family with shows, rides for the little ones and some unbelievable attractions for the older ones.

They even thought of a great system: the Baby Switch – while one parent lines up in the queue to one of those great roller coaster, the other adult is babysitting. The first adult enjoys the ride, then they switch so the second adult doesn’t have to queue.

What is Eurpoa Park like?

The park is organised with different areas which are about 20 countries / worlds: Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Iceland and also Grimm’s Enchanted Forest, The Minimoys Kingdom, etc. and the theme is respected from the decoration of the houses to the food that you can buy and of course the rides.

Thinking of a few rides I’ve taken, my spine is still shivering. My 8-year-old son still talks about this park. They have some of the most amazing roller coasters:


  • the Silver Star keeps going up, up, up, up until you see the whole park then plunges down at nearly 90 degrees. Your feet are dangling down and you’re going at 130 km/h. 4G, can you imagine? It is one of the world’s highest and biggest rollercoaster.
  • With the Blue Fire you will be catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. Then you’ll enjoy some 360° screws, and ups and downs in every single direction.
  • Wodan is one of the world biggest wooden coaster, if not the biggest. I sincerely couldn’t imagine going that fast on a ride like that. Just wow!
  • And the Minimoys Kingdom, and the Bobsleigh ride, and Pegasus, and, and, and…

If you are in Germany, add this theme park to your list!

Did I make you feel like you want to go? Great! It’s worth the trip. Definitely!

Apart from the great rides they offer, our family quite liked the food they provided. The queues can be long and you can purchase food and drinks while you wait. Finally you don’t have that commercial spirit you find in some parks where you feel like you don’t have a choice but to buy one of their themed souvenirs. We didn’t feel that pressure at Europa Park.

We loved it. The kids loved it. I only have one regret: we didn’t stay the night to spend another day full of adventure at Europa Park. Next time, we will!

You can find out more on their website here.

If you’re keen for a taste of Germany without leaving the comfort of the river city, we highly recommend Oktoberfest Brisbane.

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