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REVIEW: How an Emma Mattress Saved My Sleep!


Are you tired of not getting a good night’s sleep? Let’s face it, this parenting business is exhausting! Without proper rest, how can we be expected to find all those school socks hiding in plain sight, prepare Insta-worthy lunchboxes, keep on top of the kids’ homework schedules, manage the household’s social, sport, and specialist appointment calendar, and ALL THE OTHER STUFF that makes parenting the best job in the world? Sleep is key! So let’s talk about mattresses. When I was asked to write an Emma Mattress review, I was keen to try anything that might save my sleep. I didn’t expect that making the switch would actually work – but it did! If you’re tempted to make the switch, too, this Emma Mattress review will answer some of your questions…

When innerspring was king

For years I believed innerspring was king. I remember the skinny mattress of my childhood and bought into the manufacturers promise that the deeper the mattress, the better the comfort. Eventually I ended up with a ridiculously deep mattress that had cost thousands of dollars and STILL wasn’t comfortable.

If only I could have sent it back after a trial!

Why springs are not always king

After acquiring sports injuries, I thought a 40cm deep $3000 mattress with firm pocket springs and a foam top would be my healing salvation. At least, the salesperson in store told me it would! I put up with that mattress for longer than I liked, and my family put up with me waking up grumpy. Here are the problems with deep innersping mattresses:

  • they’re too heavy – it’s sooo hard getting the fitted sheets onto the corners!
  • they’re so deep it’s hard to find bedding to fit
  • you have to go up a doona size to get them to drape over the sides without the bottom of the mattress peeking out
  • it can be difficult to find one with the perfect individualised comfort level
  • they are so bulky that a monthly mattress rotation is a real team effort – and often forgone!

And so, on to my Emma Mattress review

I eagerly awaited arrival of my new Emma Mattress. I had been invited to review the signature Emma Comfort Mattress. This mattress has been awarded Number 1 Top Scoring Mattress by CHOICE for 2021 and 2022, and is advertised as perfect for all sleepers. Perfect! I’m a sleeper!

Emma Mattress delivery

Emma Mattress delivery
Could a queen size mattress really be in this box?

Delivery was really quick! I received an email to say it had been dispatched and notification that my driver was on their way. I could even track my mattress in real time on its journey. And then it was here!

But had I been sent the wrong one?

The box was a lot smaller than I expected. I had ordered a queen sized mattress but the box barely reached my waist. It promised me there was a queen sized mattress inside, so I opened the box and withdrew my flat-as-a-pancake rolled-up mattress.

Flat as a pancake, and only 29kg! I’ve no idea how heavy my other mattress was, but it took two of us to drag it off the bed and out into the hallway. Putting the new Emma Mattress on was a breeze.

Setting up for a good night’s sleep

The mattress had been vacuum sealed in plastic, folded in half, and rolled up tight. I easily carried it into my room and laid it out in place. A handy tool is provided to slice the plastic wrap without damaging the mattress, and there’s a QR code to scan for instructions if needed.

Emma Mattress inflating
Self-inflating, and almost ready!

Having unwrapped my Emma Mattress, I left it for a few hours to slowly inflate. It inflates unevenly, with bumps and dips where it was folded, but don’t worry, it all evened out well before bedtime. The image above shows it after about 20 minutes, with those tightly rolled ends still to pop up. 

Look at that beautiful removable and washable cover!

The first night

I was really looking forward to this. I’d bought new sheets for the occasion and eagerly slipped into bed earlier than usual.

Emma Mattresses feel different. There’s no bounce like you get with inner springs. Every movement is absorbed, and silent. I was told it might feel quite firm to start with, but honestly – compared to my old mattress – it wasn’t. It had the comfort feel of a good hotel bed. I have an old torn rotator cuff shoulder injury, which makes many sleep positions uncomfortable. The Emma Mattress conforms to your body, so I was able to sleep quite comfortably from night one with the Emma Mattress.

The most unusual sensation came from being a good 15 cm closer to the floor than I was used to, but I soon learned that came with its own advantages…

Four weeks into my Emma Mattress trial

Emma offers a 100-night trial, with a free return and full refund offered if you are not happy. At the time of writing, I am 30 nights in and I have no plans to go back to my old mattress. My teenage son and I agreed that he could upsize his single bed with whichever mattress I didn’t want, and he’s getting the super deep, heavy, and expensive one!

Here’s what I love about my new Emma Comfort Mattress:

  • I am definitely sleeping better
  • I have fewer aches and pains (in fact, it occurred to me at work one day that I was feeling younger and more energised – could that be to do with the mattress? Maybe!)
  • It is super-easy to change the sheets
  • I can rotate the mattress without help
  • I can sit on the bed, with my feet on the floor – a much better posture when getting dressed (and a great option for anyone with mobility issues)
  • I can see the footboard of my bed once again, and the quilt/dooner drapes to a nice length over the sides (important if aesthetics matter to you 😉 )
  • the mattress comes in its own removable washable cover, making it easy to care for and more hygienic.

How the 100-night trial works

The mattress you receive is brand new. Returned mattresses are not repackaged and resold. This was a concern of mine, so I did investigate before I agreed to trial. Mattresses that are returned in good condition are donated to charities. Mattresses that can’t be donated have their foam recycled into carpet underlay to avoid going into landfill. Returns are, however, fairly uncommon as most mattresses are kept.

The trial starts on the day of delivery. You can fully unwrap your mattress and use it without restrictions. If you are not happy within 100 days, you simply email the customer service team, wrap your mattress in plastic, hand it over to the courier, and your refund is processed within 14 days of pick-up. Easy!

Want your own Emma Mattress?

It’s working for me, and I’m happy. I was lucky enough to be allowed to keep the mattress I reviewed, but if anyone was to ask me if I’d recommend Emma Mattresses, my honest answer would be yes.

In fact, the only thing that could possibly tempt me to change would be if I were invited to review the Emma Comfort Premium Mattress or the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress. Helloooo Emma, I’m here if you need me!

So if you would like to get your own Emma Mattress, click here. 

If you are not in the market for a whole new mattress just yet, but would love the opportunity to upgrade your sleep on a budget, try Emma’s range of pillows, doonas and mattress toppers. 



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