School friend Christmas Gifts | Ideas for less than $5 each!

school friend Christmas gifts

School friend Christmas gifts – At the end of every school year, my child decides he wants to create something for Christmas for his classmates… and he usually decides this less than one week before the end of the year. After multiple years of this happening, this year, I was way ahead of him and I had already searched Google and Pinterest and found a few ideas. I showed him some of the great Christmas craft ideas and luckily there were two ideas that he thought ‘worked’ as school friend Christmas gifts this year, so we set out to grab a few bits from our local shops and got our Christmas craft on.

You will need:

school friend Christmas gifts

  • scissors
  • nail varnish
  • printable christmas tag – download by clicking here
  • clear cellophane
  • ribbon
  • hole puncher (optional but preferred)
  • laminator & laminating sheets (optional but preferred)

What to do to create school friend Christmas gifts

Print out the tag and cut out

Get your child to hand write their message to their classmate on the reverse side

Place carefully in the laminating sheets and then through the laminating machine

School friends Christmas Gifts

Trim around the laminated Christmas tags

Holepunch where the white dot is at the top

Place the nail varnish (we added a chocolate too!) inside a large square of cellophane and wrap

School friends Christmas Gifts

Wrap carefully and pull the top tight and twist. Tie the top carefully once with the ribbon

School friends Christmas Gifts

Thread the ribbon through the Christmas tag and tie a double knot. Re-curl the ribbon if necessary by running the scissors blade along the ribbon. And you are done!

school friend Christmas gifts

Bonus School friends Christmas Gifts Idea

We also made a small gift for some of this other friends who may not have enjoyed the nail varnish gift.

School friends Christmas Gifts

We downloaded the printable here.

My son then wrote his message on the back and he carefully laminated the card.

He hole punched the card and thenm hole punched the popcorn packet and threaded the ribbon through and tied a double knot.

Super simple school friend Christmas gifts ideas!

School friends Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas everyone!

One response to “School friend Christmas Gifts | Ideas for less than $5 each!”

  1. Kelly says:

    Cute idea! I’d love to cut out some Christmas gift tags in fun shapes with my Silhouette Cameo 3 machine! So fun!

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