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Currumbin Rock Pools – Rocking Day Out with Kids

Why you really need to make time to visit Currumbin Valley Rock Pools

Cascading waterfalls, lagoons, trickling streams all surrounded by lush, tropical greenery … sounds like the stuff that holiday photos are made of, right? It’s one of our ABSOLUTE favourite things to do on the Gold Coast with kids – for VERY good reason!

Good news: There’s no need to jet off somewhere more exotic, we have all that and then some right here on our own doorstep. Currumbin Rock Pools in the Currumbin Valley are the not-so-secret hidden gem on the Gold Coast you simply must make the time to visit with your family.

How to get to Currumbin Rock Pools

Currumbin is famed for its idyllic coast line, but venturing just 12 kilometres up into the hinterland away from the beach is so worth your time.  From Brisbane, Currumbin Rock Pools are accessed via the Stapley Drive/Reedy Creek exit from the Pacific Motorway (about one hour 15 minutes from Brisbane) and then a pretty drive through both Tallebudgera (schedule a stop at Tallebudgera Creek as well!) and Currumbin Valleys.  The picturesque drive  is reason enough to head for the pools, but, of course, you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer once you arrive.

Clearly sign-posted, you’ll have no trouble finding this little slice of paradise, and once there you’ll find so much to explore that even the most ‘plugged-in’ kid will be channeling their inner-adventurer.

What is there to do at Currumbin Valley Rock Pools?

Quite simply, you can do everything, or nothing at all. That’s the biggest seller for my family, there is such a variety of ways to spend your day at the pools.

The teenager likes to head to the large, flat rocks at the west-end to sunbathe while the younger kids like to giggle and splash in the gentle natural falls and rapids. Don’t panic – nobody is going to be swept away, think ‘spa bath’ full of crystal clear mountain spring water.

currumbin rock pools swimming gold coast fun

Head to the eastern-side of the pools and you’ll find a deeper lagoon perfect for swimming – again, that water …. Incredible.

There’s tonnes of little pools to explore, rocks to overturn, critters and lizards to find and forts to be built. It’s pretty much an ‘I’m bored’ free-zone. Parent win, am I right?!

currumbin rock pools swimming gold coast

There’s lots of natural shade, and even a large grassy knoll perfect for stretching little legs and having a good old fashioned run-around.

You can even take your four-legged family members, but please, keep in mind that not everyone is a fan of dogs. If you don’t keep them on a lead and under control you risk ruining the day of the other families who are visiting.

Now, you might see some folks jumping into the lagoon from the rocks, call me paranoid, but I prefer to leave that up to other more local adventurers. The pools are not patrolled by lifeguards, and once up there, you are really on your own. It’s not recommended that you jump in and anyone who does so, does it at their own risk. Something to keep in mind if you have some spirited explorers in your clan.

What should you take with you?

In addition to the usual ‘family luggage’ of hats, towels, sunblock, water and snacks – you might want to pop in a little first-aid kit and brush up on your bites and stings knowledge (it’s Austalia after all!) No use ruining the day over something a bandaid could fix!

We also take buckets for the kids to collect stuff in, a picnic rug, a camera and swim vests for the younger kids.

What facilities will you find at the Currumbin Valley Rock Pools?

currumbin rock pools swimming gold coast picnic area

Besides the good stuff that nature offers up, man-kind has made some additions that will make your day a little more comfortable too.

You’ll find public bathrooms, and communal bbqs, as well as sheltered picnic tables. Keep in mind over the summer it can get pretty busy, so get there early if you plan on setting up camp for the day.

There is also a café just across the road if you’re not keen on lugging up a picnic.

A day at the Currumbin Valley Rock Pools is the stuff that magical childhood memories are made of, and for parents, it makes a nice change of pace from the regular coastal activities on offer in this part of the world.

Pop it on your list – it’s definitely a worthy destination for a family day out

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