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Want to find a Kids Parties Entertainer or Venue in Brisbane?

Here are our top tips for planning kids parties in Brisbane.

Whether you are an ‘out-sourcing’ parent or you are creative and like to ‘do-it-yourself’ this party directory is easily the BEST in Brisbane for your children’s next party.

In the era of fabulously busy working and multi-tasking parents (let’s call ourselves “BMP”s!) the best kids parties ideas are those which take up as little organisation time as possible for maximum results! No matter how daunting the task of throwing kids parties might seem – try to remember that it’s really easy if you follow a few simple rules!

So let’s narrow it down to 4 easy steps:

  • Decide on the date / time / theme and venue.
  • Get a class contact list from the school office and email or text your invitation around with your mobile phone number as the RSVP.  Three weeks out from party date is perfect timing for invites – any longer and people can’t think that far ahead.
  • Decide if you are going to invite the whole class or just all the boys or girls.
  • Decide how the children will be entertained – at home or at an external venue? Do you organise games yourself – or call in an entertainer?

When children are 5-6 years old boys and girls are still generally happy for their kids parties to one where they play and celebrate birthdays together. This can often mean the possibility of a large group of children and a daunting prospect for any busy parent. But remember these can also be perfect opportunities to meet the parents of your kid’s friends / organise play dates / car pools for upcoming events as well as important social interaction skill / learning times for the kids. If your group is going to be larger than 20 and space is limited at home – the local park is the perfect option – just make sure you pick a spot that is easy to find and is close to public amenities! Kids can run around with their friends to their hearts content while Mums and Dads catch up / introduce themselves and mingle. Call it a “Sports Party” / “Little Olympics” or Superhero party for Boys. Your favorite local park can also be perfect for a “Magical Fairy” or “Garden” party for Girls.


 Activities such as running relays / hopping races / running backwards races / duck duck goose /  what’s the time? / treasure hunt for freddo frogs or lollipops are easy activities to organise and don’t require any props or paraphernalia – just “Ready, Set, Go!. If you have an ipod or phone speaker dock add music into the equation with musical statues / musical bobs and dancing competitions to complete an action packed party.Avoid having to bring tables into the park setting pick a park which already has these provided. Opt for a few picnic rugs for kids to sit on and a few inexpensive scatter cushions will create a fun picnic setting. Keep food options relaxed – snacks such as popcorn, pre-cut frozen orange quarters, and watermelon triangles are easy to transport in large quantities safely secured in your favorite tupperware. An esky filled with ice and your favorite brand of mini water bottles is all you really need to complete a happy park party.

Brisbane _Flipside Circus_Birthday Party

 Our 7-10 year olds are pretty discerning and demanding when it comes to celebrating with their peers these days! It’s at this age when investing in an experienced games facilitator or party host is a good idea – as you are also investing in yourself and giving yourself space and time to organise some simple yummy food options. Party time is no time to stress – find a happy medium between outsourcing some elements while still having some of your own creative input. Here are some fun and easy themes to run with at home that you can get together in no time:


Jungle Party – perfect for mixed group of boys and girls. Kids can come dressed as animals or simply have their face painted on arrival to get into the theme. A few meters of inexpensive green / jungle print fabric from your local fabric supplier will instantly transform tables and surfaces into the perfect jungle feel.

Give yourself enough lead time to surf some of the many online party shops for fun accessories such as Inflatable palm trees; themed lolly bags and invitations.

Serve a real coconut with a straw in it to each guest as they arrive as a welcome drink. Food options can feature fresh fruit cups, home made choc chip cookies in animal cutout shapes, mini boxes of noodles tossed with fresh grated vegies, chicken skewers and cupcakes with jungle themed toppers such as monkeys / large green leaves or zebra stripes. Download the Madagascar music and run some easy games such as Limbo and Musical statues – kids have to freeze as a Monkey / Tiger / Elephant; Hide some lollypops or mini chocolate bars in the garden for a jungle treasure hunt; print off some free downloadable colouring pages of jungle animals and fill a few plastic containers with textas and pencils for a colouring competition.

Brisbane_Kids_Parties  Craft Party – older girls will be happy for hours with a craft party as long as you have plenty for them to do. Rather than be specific about outcome just fill 5 or 6 cheap baskets full to the brim of things such as coloured cardboard, stickers, ribbons, feathers, beads, coloured wool/string. Give each party guest a blank notebook in which to sketch some ideas and make some notes. Be sure to include a few bags of trendy loom bands to keep everyone happy!. Suggestions for creations could be friendship bands; mixed media collages; fantasy masks and necklaces. Serve the party girl’s favorite food; play her favorite music in the background and no dressing up required! Even busy Dad’s could pull this one off.

  Mad Hatters Tea party – another perfect theme for a mixed group – Girls can come dressed as Alice in Wonderland or the Queen of Hearts; Boys can come dressed as the Mad Hatter or the White Rabbit. Dress up your old outdoor table with a few lengths of fake turf available online by the meter. Decorate the table with all the old teapots you hardly ever use and fill with your favorite party drink. A quick visit to the local op shop will deliver an assortment of old tea cups and saucers for next to nothing. Make a place setting with these for each guest adding odd plates and bowls that don’t match and write guests names on the back of old playing cards. Scatter some of the playing cards up and down the table for easy theming. Fill the table with easy “help yourself” platters such as mini hot dogs and pizzas; assorted fresh ribbon sandwiches; fresh fruit skewers and fairy bread cut out in the shape of a heart. Party games can included ‘What’s the Time White Rabbit’; ‘Pin the Tail on the Doormouse’ and ‘Celebrity Head’ using all the characters names from the Alice in Wonderland story.

Final tip – ‘Make a firm decision’ and PLAN AHEAD! Time is always in short supply so start picking up bits and pieces in your shopping travels and before you know it you will be throwing a fabulous party together like any professional event organiser!

Want to find a Kids Parties Person or venue in your area in Brisbane? Look no further than our comprehensive directory!


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