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Cheap Movie Tickets in Australia | Pay Less at the Cinema

If you’re like me and love the whole cinema experience but want to pay less, then you need our guide to cheap movie tickets in your life! Getting hold of discount movie tickets means your money goes further, and what family in Australia wouldn’t want that? 

We’ve done all the research into cheap cinema tickets so you can stretch your family finances further. From Hoyts discount tickets or the Event cinemas discount to cheap Tuesday movies or RACV discount movie tickets, it’s easy to find an awesome cinema discount when you know where to look! Whether you want cheap movie tickets in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney, we have you covered. At the bottom of our article, we have even listed our favourite cinemas in each city that offer the best value for money on movie tickets.  

If you want to pay less for discount cinema tickets – leaving you more to spend on popcorn, lollies and drinks – then read on to find out all you should know. You’ll be amazed by the sheer amount of movie discounts that are out there. Are you ready to get goggle-eyed? Then let’s go!

*Note: I will update this article before each set of school holidays to ensure the best option is listed.

20 ways to get cheap movie tickets in Australia

1. RACQ cheap movie tickets


  • Who: RACQ members 
  • What: Specially priced eVouchers, including snacks
  • Where: BCC and Event
  • How: Login to my RACQ to buy discounted movie eVouchers

This is our top pick for for cheap movie tickets. We love how clear and simple the RACQ the booking system is here. You can take a good look at all the options by clicking on ‘buy now’ here, at which point you will need to log in. 

Before looking at the options, you can click on when you want to use the vouchers you purchase. There are daytime rates before 5pm, Sunday to Wednesday prices for any time during those four days, tickets for Thursday and Friday evenings and those for any day and time. 

Another great thing – apart from seeing all the movie discount days options – is that you can even pick out discounted snacks. This means you can get a Choc Top ice cream for $5 instead of the usual $6.50, or buy a Small or Medium Combo eVoucher to use for a discounted soft drink plus popcorn. 

Whether you want to get cheap Event cinema tickets for standard sessions, V-Max showings or Gold Class screenings, you can get them via RACQ. Being Queensland based we might be biased, but the deals and clarity here are the best we’ve seen. 

Rates start at just $11.50 for an adult off-peak eSaver that cannot be used after 5pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays or public holidays. Or pay only $12.50 and you can go anytime but from 5pm on a Saturday!


2. RACV cheap movie tickets

  • Who: RACV members 
  • What: Up to 40% discount
  • Where: Event, HOYTS, Moonlight, IMAX, Palace and Village
  • How: Pre-purchase online or at selected RACV Retail Stores

The RACV movie discount applies to RACV (Royal Automobile Club Victoria) members across Australia. You get up to 40% off both regular tickets and value bundles. The participating cinema groups are Event, HOYTS, Moonlight, IMAX, Palace and Village. 

If you’re a member, you can purchase your tickets in advance at a participating RACV Retail Store, or buy online. When the first working day of the week is an option, look out for RACV $9 Movie Mondays to bag a real bargain. 

3. RAA cheap movie tickets

  • Who: RAA members 
  • What: $15.50 any day movie eVouchers, $30 Gold Class eVouchers for Event Cinema Marion
  • Where: Event Marion and GU Filmhouse Glenelg
  • How: Click ‘Buy movie eVouchers’ and login into your RAA account to access discounted movie eVouchers

For discount Gold Class tickets and standard ones, residents of the Adelaide area can use their RAA membership. You can use the eVouchers you can buy at Event Cinemas Marion, or at GU Filmhouse Glenelg. 

The available eVoucher types include $30 Event Cinemas Gold Class tickets, eSaver eVouchers for just $10 for any time but Saturdays after 5pm, and $15.50 eMovie eVouchers that can be used after 5pm on Saturdays. 

4. RAC discount movie tickets

  • Who: RAC members 
  • What: Discounts on standard, Gold Class, Candy bar and bundle tickets
  • Where: Ace, Event, HOYTS, Lunar and Palace
  • How: Pre-purchase online or at selected RACV Retail Stores

RAC cheap movie tickets are the go-to option for those living in WA. You can buy via the online shop, and your ticket can be posted to you or delivered as an e-ticket. Ticket codes can then be redeemed online or at the box office. 

Locations all over the huge state of WA are covered by the participating cinemas. Whether you live in or near Rockingham, Fremantle, Southlands, Mosman Park or in Perth City, there should be a cinema near you to grab a cheap seat at. 

5. RACT cheap movie tickets

  • Who: RACT members 
  • What: $35 Gold Class and $14.50 regular tickets
  • Where: Village
  • How: Click the links on the RACT website to access Club Connect

RACT members living in Tassie can also get Village Cinemas discount tickets via their state automobile club. The discount Village movie tickets are available in Gold Class or as regular tickets. 

Cheap movie tickets for Village cinema screenings available via RACT include Gold Class movie eVouchers for $35 and general adult eVouchers for $14.50. You can get these via RACT’s partner Club Connect. They can be used at the Village cinemas in Eastlands, Glenorchy, Hobart and Launceston.

6. NRMA discount movie tickets

  • Who: NRMA members 
  • What: Up to 35% discount
  • Where: Event, BCC or Greater Union
  • How: Pre-purchase vouchers to redeem at cinema or online

Can National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) members also get Hoyts discount tickets? NRMA actually works in partnership with Event cinemas, so you can get up to 35% off tickets. This applies to standard tickets and cheap Gold Class tickets alike. 

It’s cheaper at off-peak times, so if you can avoid Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays after 5pm then you’ll get a better deal. You’ll need your membership number when buying, and can use your voucher at any BCC or Greater Union cinema as well as Event venues. 

7. Event Cinemas cheap movie tickets

  • Who: Cinebuzz members 
  • What: Half price
  • Where: Event
  • How: Scan your card when booking at the cinema or online

For cheap movie tickets at Event Cinemas, join Cinebuzz and attend on Tuesdays. This offer gives you half price adult tickets. It’s not only limited to the Event Cinemas Gold Class discount, but also applies to Boutique, 4DX, and V-Max and Original where available. 

Some exclusions do apply. Browns Plains, Capalaba, Glendale, Strathpine and Skyline Drive cinemas are excluded. This discount movie tickets at Event Cinemas offer is also invalid for Alternate Content, Chicks at the Flicks, Event Junior, Moonlight Cinemas, or other Special Events or screenings.

dendy portside cinemas
Popcorn at the cinema

8. Telstra discount movie tickets

  • Who: Telstra Plus and Cinebuzz members 
  • What: Buy with Telstra Plus points or get discounted movie tickets
  • Where: Event or Village
  • How: Sign in and book via the website or app

Plus members can also get Telstra cheap movie tickets. The Telstra movie discount means you can use Telstra Plus points to buy cinema tickets. Alternatively, get cheap Telstra movie tickets sold at specially discounted rates. 

For cheap movie tickets via Telstra Plus, you’ll also need to be a Cinebuzz member. Which is completely free of charge to join. You can then buy tickets at cheaper rates, or use Telstra Plus points to pay for them. 

9. Foxtel Rewards cheap HOYTS tickets

  • Who: Foxtel Rewards members 
  • What: $11.50 movie tickets or $27 HOYTS LUX tickets
  • Where: HOYTS
  • How: Login to Foxtel Rewards and click the link to ‘get HOYTS tickets’

If you want to buy cheap movie tickets for HOYTS cinemas, then it’s worth knowing about ‘mates rates’. These are available to Foxtel members, and you can sign up to the Foxtel Rewards programme for free.

You can choose standard HOYTS movie tickets for a cheap price of $11.50, or get HOYTS LUX tickets for $27 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  

10. HOYTS cheap movie tickets

  • Who: HOYTS Rewards members 
  • What: $11 movie of the week and student or senior discounts
  • Where: HOYTS
  • How: Scan your card when booking at the cinema or online

Apart from Foxtel Rewards, you can also get a HOYTS movie discount if you’re a senior. Or qualify for the HOYTS student discount. A third way to get a cheap ticket is to go and see the selected Movie of the Week. 

You’ll have to be a HOYTS Rewards member to qualify. The Movie of the Week costs $11 per ticket. You can scan your card when buying at the cinema, or log into your account to get the deal. 

11. eBay HOYTS cheap Tuesday

  • Who: eBay members 
  • What: $11 eBay Tuesdays offer
  • Where: HOYTS
  • How: Login to eBay.com.au and follow the link to the eBay Tuesdays Offer cinema ticket site

eBay members in Australia can also get Tuesday discount movies by logging into eBay and following the links. Do note here that an online booking fee of $1.50 applies. Surcharges also apply for 3D or Xtremescreen showings, on top of the usual eBay Tuesdays offer price.

All HOYTS cinemas in Australia participate in this offer. Tickets cost $11 for screenings that take place on Tuesdays. 

12. HBF cheap movie tickets

  • Who: HBF members 
  • What: Up to 40% discount
  • Where: HOYTS
  • How: Log into your HBF account to buy

Another way to get cheap movie tickets for HBF members is via their site. If you have a health plan with the provider, then they offer up to 40% off HOYTS cinema tickets. You can buy HBF discount movie tickets once you’ve logged into your HBF account online. 

movies with kids
Movies with kids

13. BUPA cheap movie tickets

  • Who: BUPA members 
  • What: Up to 25% discount
  • Where: Event and HOYTS
  • How: Log into your BUPA account to buy

As with HBF, there isn’t a huge amount of information available about Event and HOYTS discount tickets via BUPA. What we do know is that the discount is up to 25%, and you’ll need to login to access the offer. 

14. MediBank cheap movie tickets

  • Who: MediBankmembers 
  • What: Thursday movie screenings for $17
  • Where: Palace Cinemas
  • How: Log into your MediBank account to buy

Another healthcare provider offering cheap movie tickets is MediBank. Members can attend Palace Cinemas on Thursdays to get a discounted deal. The cost is $17 per ticket. Senior discount movie tickets are also available for $13.  

15. SDA discount movie tickets

  • Who: SDA members 
  • What: Specially discounted rates on movie tickets and snacks
  • Where: HOYTS and Village
  • How: Log into your SDA account to buy

SDA – the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Union – offers members Village and HOYTS movie vouchers at rates representing a 20 to 40% discount. You can also buy discounted Candy bar vouchers for items like popcorn. 

16. Groupon cheap movie tickets

  • Who: Groupon members 
  • What: Special offers on movie tickets
  • Where: Varies
  • How: Log into your Groupon account to buy

For Event Cinemas discount tickets and an ever-changing array of offers on movie tickets, make sure you check Groupon for cinema vouchers. At the time of writing there’s an attractive deal with Event Cinemas, but this could be any company Groupon strikes a deal with. In fact, Groupon promises up to 70% off cinema tickets when you buy through their site. 

17. Scoopon discount movie tickets

  • Who: Scoopon members 
  • What: Special offers on movie tickets
  • Where: Varies
  • How: Log into your Scoopon account to buy

It’s also well worth checking Scoopon for a movie ticket booking discount. When we checked, an offer had just expired, but it was a good one. It cost only $10 for a ticket to use at Classic Cinemas in Melbourne, which is clearly an absolute steal! Another recent deal was $9.95 tickets for HOYTS Cinemas. 

18. Cudo cheap movie tickets

  • Who: Cudo members 
  • What: Special offers on movie tickets
  • Where: Varies
  • How: Log into your Cudo account to buy

Like those signed up to Scoopon and Groupon, Cudo members can also use the discounted deals website to search for low price movie tickets. Again the available deals vary in terms of price and location, but do check before you buy any tickets as there can be some serious bargains up for grabs. Don’t book cheap movie tickets before checking at least one of these three sites!

19. Experience Oz movie tickets

  • Who: Experience Oz members 
  • What: Special offers on movie tickets
  • Where: Varies
  • How: Log into your Experience Oz account to buy

We know Experience Oz very well for offering cheap Movie World tickets. As they offer a range of other awesome experiences too, it’s always worth checking the site for the latest deals on cinema tickets. 

20. Klook discount movie tickets

  • Who: Klook members 
  • What: Special offers on movie tickets
  • Where: Varies
  • How: Log into your Klook account to buy

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to buy movie tickets, don’t forget about Klook! Like Groupon, Cudo, Scoopon and Experience Oz, there’s often special deals for members seeking cheap cinema days and nights. 

If you take holidays in Asia, it’s worth checking Klook before you travel, too. They often have great deals in locations like Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. In fact you can also find great deals for visiting the likes of Switzerland or the US as well! 

Cheapest movies tickets in Brisbane


  • Adults – $9.50
  • Student ID, Senior Card, Health Care ID – $8.50
  • Pensioner with ID – $7.00
  • Child (2-12) – $7.00.

Locations are South Bank, Hawthorne, Balmoral, Victoria Point, Redbank & Nerang.

Find out more about Cineplex movies here.

United Eldorado Indooroopilly

On Tuesdays for certain movies and in certain theatres, you can get $8 adult, seniors and children’s tickets.

Click here for more information about Eldorado.

Cheapest movie tickets in Sydney

Dumaresq Street Cinema

The cheapest place to see a movie in Sydney is the Dumaresq Street Cinema in Campbelltown. All tickets for all movies for any sessions is just $7.50 – making it the cheapest cinema in Sydney.

Visit Dumaresq Street Cinema and grab your tickets here

Cheapest movie tickets in Melbourne

Waverley Cinema

  • Adult: $8.00
  • Concession/Student: $8.00
  • Child (3 – 14): $8.00
  • Senior: $8.00

Find your next movie here

Cheapest movie tickets in Adelaide

Odeon Star Cinema

The cheapest cinema in Adelaide is the Odeon Star Cinema. This is another fab cinema, that is family owned, where the movies tickets are the same prices all day, every day at just $10.

Check out Odeon Star Cinema here

Cheapest movie tickets in Perth

Galaxy Drive In Kingsley

If you are a fan of, or happy to go to the drive-in movies, Galaxy Drive In Kingsley, is the cheapest place to see a movie in Perth!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

  • Adults $11.00
  • Children 4yr to 12yr $5.50
  • Children under 4yr free

Bargain Day Tuesday

  • $22.00 per car

Find out more about Perth’s only drive-in movie theatre here

Cheap movie tickets in Australia | Final thoughts

Who knew that there were so many ways to get cheap cinema tickets in Australia? From cheap Tuesday cinema tickets for eBay members (which, surely, covers everyone) to those available through state motoring organisations, health care providers and even the cinema chains themselves. 

Buying the cheapest movie tickets online gives you something to look forward to during the working week or on weekends. Whether that’s a solo showing for you alone, date night or a family trip to the cinema. 

With Village, Event and HOYTS movie tickets available at a discount – plus many more – there’s got to be a theatre near you showing that movie you really want to see. Whether you stick to cinema discount days or go on a Saturday night, seeing a scary, funny, uplifting, romantic or action film is always a great way to unwind. 

Want more affordable Dreamworld tickets or discount tickets for Australia Zoo? We can help with those too!

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