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Tai Chi Brisbane
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Tai Chi Brisbane offers many opportunities for Brisbane kids to be active, engaged in cultural understanding and to learn about a whole new way of being.

Tai Chi Brisbane – Which way to the dojo?

We love tai chi because it’s non-competitive and is well-known for the positive benefits its practice can have on stress and anxiety. It’s sometimes called “meditation in motion” and it’s easy to see why!

Here’s where to look for Tai Chi Brisbane near you. These centres all encourage children signing up (some from quite young) and promote a sense of family and harmony of spirit.


Gold Dragon Tai Chi Academy
27 Narracott St, Carindale
Ph: 0402 987 185

Chinese Kung Fu Academy
962 Oxley Rd, Oxley
Ph: 0418 870 223

Brisbane Kung Fu
Ph: 0412 313 653

Black Lion Martial Arts
1-15 Lexington Rd, Shop 8
Ph: 3341 2233

Northside & Inner City

Australian School of Kung-Fu and Tai Chi
46 Ryans Rd, Brisbane
Ph: 3869 0484

Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia
1/566 Lutwyche Rd, Lutwyche
Ph: 3357 5600

Dragon Kung-Fu and Tai Chi School
North Lakes
Ph: 0448 257 751
(Please note – this Tai Chi Brisbane school is happy to travel to you for private lessons)

Why is Tai Chi a great choice for Brisbane kids?

Tai Chi is well known for its ability to center and focus the mind. This enables students, including children, to envelope themselves in a sense of calm and stability.

Imagine how useful this could be for a child who struggles with nerves, anxiety or any of a number of social-emotional difficulties. It could be another tool to help assist your child when dealing with this large, complex emotions.

The non-competitive nature of the sport makes it ideal for parents who are concerned about their children becoming hurt in team, contact-based sports.

Tai Chi Brisbane – An Excellent Choice

Consider Tai Chi Brisbane when you’re trying to find a great after school or weekend sport for your child.

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