REVIEW: Paddington Skate Park | Concrete Skate Park for Kids

Paddington Skate Park | Stage 2 Upgrade for Kids
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The Paddington Skate Park in Neal Macrossan Park, Caroline St, Paddington QLD 4064, is getting a second upgrade due to start in April 2017.

Current facilities at Paddington Skate park

The previous stage 1 upgrade delivered a range of new skate features, inclusive access to the park for people of all abilities, improved sight lines and enhanced visibility from the street and integrated concrete block seating for spectators.

Stage 2 upgrade to Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park | Stage 2 Upgrade for Kids

Stage 2 works will refresh the remainder of Paddington Skate Park with the same world class surface delivered as part of the Stage 1 upgrade.

The project will also involve:

  • upgrading and refreshing existing obstacles and transitions including various quarter pipes and roll-ins to enhance usability and flow
  • installing lighting to allow night time use of the park
  • constructing a footpath to connect the skate park to the  pool and the Caxton Street access.

One tree and some shrubs will need to be removed to facilitate the project. Some minor vegetation trimming will also be undertaken. The tree removal will be offset with plantings within the local catchment area in accordance with Council’s offset planting policy.

Paddington Skate Park | Stage 2 Upgrade for Kids

For safety reasons, the skate park is required to be closed for the duration of construction.

Timing of the upgrade

Paddington Skate Park

Works will be undertaken from 7am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. Residents will be notified if any out of hours works are required. No changed traffic conditions are expected as a result of this project. However, traffic controllers will be on-site when required during construction to ensure a safe road environment for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Construction is expected to start in April 2017 and be completed by mid-2017, weather permitting.

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