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REVIEW: Maid2Match Cleaning Services


I am a single parent of teenagers and too many pets. I love that my home is often filled with my kids’ friends who have become part of the family, but their frequent entrances and exits, showers, snack preparations and sleepovers – coupled with my long working hours – have left my home somewhat less than ‘presentable’. I need at least 24 hours’ notice to get things in order before any of my friends visit! In fact, I need a cleaner. Maid2Match, an Australian cleaning service with branches Australia-wide, invited me to review their service. Here’s what I thought of my Brisbane Maid2Match cleaning service.

To clean before the clean, or not to clean before the clean…

I was very excited to know that a professional cleaner was coming to my house. I was also full-on cringing! Things have got a little out of hand.

I am long overdue a good clear out and live by the philosophy of “if I don’t look into the kids’ bathroom, I can still believe it is clean”. It never is, but by avoiding entering their hallway I could continue to exist in blissful ignorance of the mess therein.

I have no such excuse for the state of the kitchen or living rooms!

Inviting a cleaner into my house had my emotions swinging like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. I was so desperately in want of a clean home, but knowing I would need to take “before” photos as part of the process had me itching to take the day off work to pre-clean before the clean. I didn’t, but I also avoided zooming in too close on any of the pictures!

Booking my clean

Booking a Maid2Match clean is pretty easy. You simply select from the services offered and book online. You can choose an Hourly Rate Clean, or Flat Rate Cleaning.

Hourly rate cleaning – ideal for specific areas or a quick clean and tidy-up. The cleaner focusses on your request, or on what needs cleaning the most, for a specified period of time.

Flat rate cleaning – your cleaner works through a detailed checklist and only stops cleaning when every task is done. You can also add on fixed price extras to your flat rate cleaning, including interior windows, oven clean, a load of laundry, inside fridge, and other options.

Maid2Match also offers bond cleans, office cleans, and NDIS cleans.

Meeting my cleaner

Nikita in my bathroomNikita was my cleaner. She brought all her own cleaning equipment with her and was absolutely lovely! I explained my embarrassment but Nikita assured me that my home was just like everyone else’s, and that there was nothing to be embarrassed about at all.

I showed Nikita around the house and explained what I would like her to prioritise on her two-hour clean; namely two bathrooms and all main floors. After snapping a few pics, I went out and left her to it. Nikita was quite happy for me to stay while she cleaned, but I had a prior engagement to get to.

Going home to a clean house!

Two hours later, I returned home to see Nikita still busy. “Oh no, poor Nikita!,” I thought, “I set her an impossible task for the timeframe!”

It turns out that Nikita is one of those amazing women who gets genuine pleasure out of going beyond expectations. She had done both bathrooms and toilets, vacuumed all the floors, and was steadily mopping her way towards the door. Along the way, she had been stopping to dust my shelves, bookcases, and ornaments just because she noticed they needed doing and took pride in a job well done! I honestly can’t remember the last time I properly dusted, but I was exceedingly grateful that Nikita had naturally absorbed the task as part of the process of leaving me with a professional clean.

In hindsight, I haven’t done Nikita any justice with my photos. The before photo doesn’t really capture the toothpaste on the side of the shower screen and in a thick layer in the sink, the watermarks on the bath tap, the soap scum on the inside of the shower, or the paw prints on the floor. Sorry Nikita! You did a great job of restoring the shower screens and making the whole room sparkle!

Maid2Match Cleaning – the verdict

I definitely got what I asked for. It was great that I didn’t have to supply any cleaning products or equipment. And it was wonderful to walk into a clean home!  I was comfortable leaving Nikita alone in the house as all of Maid2Match’s cleaners are vetted.

Nikita is a Maid2Match cleaning trainer and has a keen eye for detail. She was friendly and professional and I would be delighted to book her as my regular cleaner.

Speaking of a regular cleaner, if you would like to try Maid2Match cleaning for yourself, they offer discounts for regular cleans, no lock-in contracts, and you can book to have they same cleaner every time. They’ll really get to know your home and make it sparkle!

Find out more at Maid2Match.

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A neat finishing touch
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