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Aquatic Achievers Learn to Swim
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Aquatic Achievers’ swimming program is focused on giving your child the skills and confidence to live their best live in the water. Swimming is an essential skill for enjoying many water-based activities from waterparks and pools, through to surfing, boating and snorkelling. The simple foundation of learning to swim is a skill not to be overlooked.

A Program with Real Outcomes

The 14-level, ‘Solo1 Program’ is Aquatic Achievers’ leading learn to swim framework, based on over 30 years of industry experience. The program is designed to cater for children 3 months of age, through to 12 years. The goal of the program is to equip children with the technique, endurance and confidence to swim up to 1km of Freestyle unassisted. A goal of this design is to prepare children for a life of exciting aquatic experiences, as well as potential risks that come with them.

Aquatic Achievers Learn to Swim

Great Experiences

Aquatic Achievers allow your child to learn to swim with the benefits of a leading experience. Enjoy an expanding range of digital tools to bring you closer to your child’s swimming, as well as the convenience of managing bookings on-the-go via the Aquatic Achievers mobile app. Friendly service is also available every step of the way.

Get Started at a Location Near You

Aquatic Achievers have a growing number of great locations Australia wide. To find your nearest location, visit the website. Centres offer fully indoor facilities including heated pools, air-conditioned viewing areas, plus shower and change areas.

Visit to book your free Starter Session today, or call 1300 34 34 68.

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