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windaroo valley state high school
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Windaroo Valley State High LogoNumber of Students: 976

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Why Choose Windaroo Valley State High School?

Overall Windaroo Valley State High School is a good option for parents seeking a school large enough to have a variety of subject and extracurricular options but not so large that kids miss out on personal attention.  The school offers a broad selection of academic and sporting options for students so it makes an excellent choice for parents of sporty kids.  It’s also a good local option for students wishing to study non-traditional subjects. On NAPLAN tests Windaroo performs at around (or slightly below) other schools in their category and is overall, a solid option for parents.

Curriculum and Extracurricular activities offered

Windaroo Valley is a good option for parents of kids with specific interests, especially in sports, maths, English and the sciences.

  • Broader selection of subjects
  • Language: Japanese and Japanese exchange program
  • Excellence & Gifted Programs: Maths, English, Science, SOSE, Athletics, Music
  • Learning support programs
  • Technical and further education: Hospitality
  • Leadership program
  • Senior Excellence Program (FOX)
  • Spartan Boys Group
  • Girls Leadership Group
  • Junior Chamber of Commerce
  • Academic competitions
  • Clubs: Debating, Glee Club, Jam Club, Chess Club, Breakfast Club, Homework Club, Lunchtime Arts

Facilities at Windaroo Valley

Windaroo Valley State High Facilities

  • Large outdoor sporting fields
  • Dual IT Systems – students can choose to learn Mac or PC based computing

Should You Choose Windaroo Valley?

Windaroo Valley State High School is one of the larger high schools in the area which enables them to offer a broader variety of activities and subjects.  With excellence programs and a plethora of academic clubs to choose from, Windaroo Valley offers kids plenty of choice.  This is a good school for students who want access to choices that don’t come as standard.

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