Toowoomba Rivers and Creeks to Explore with Kids

Toowoomba rivers and creeks with kids
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With the increase in screens, chain stores and general consumption, when is the last time you and your family stepped out of those habits of watching, playing and shopping? If you know you want to, then consider exploring Toowoomba rivers and creeks instead. The chances of you regretting getting outdoors with your family, river swimming, fishing, skimming stones or generally just enjoying outdoor life with your kids in Toowoomba are slim to none!

Here are the rivers and creeks you could explore in Toowoomba with your kids.

Condamine River

The Condamine River is part of the Balonne catchment that is part of the Murray-Darling Basin. The river drains the northern portion of Darling Downs and travels through Toowoomba. There are a number of camping, boating and fishing sites along the river with plenty to do!

Cecil Plains Weir

  • The Cecil Plains weir is a fabulous place to explore and maybe even catch a fish or two! It’s accessed via the Cecil Plains – Toowoomba Road and includes toilets, picnic table, picnic shelter and a camping ground.
  • 4×4 drive – The Condamine River track has a total of 14 river crossings so it’s a great place to get bouncing in your 4 wheel drive. Along the way there are also waterholes where the kids and you can go for a swim! It’s the perfect adventure and the terrain isn’t too rough so it’s suitable to take little ones along for the ride.

Murphy’s Creek

Murphy’s Creek Toowoomba

Murphy’s Creek is only 20 minutes from Toowoomba and is a great place to go nature watching, hiking or try taking a dip in the spring fed creek. Murphy’s Creek Escape also offer camping site, flying fox, archery and a ropes course.

Lake Cooby

 Lake Cooby is just 30 minutes from Toowoomba’s town centre and is the perfect spot to canoe, fish or just plain relax. There are some excellent BBQ and picnic spaces there too.

Spring Creek

 Off Condamine River is Spring Creek. When flowing, the Queen Mary Falls at Spring Creek is a breath-taking sight. You can walk down and experience the rainforest gorge and the massive waterfall spraying your face as you stand at the base of the falls.

Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring creeks, lakes and rivers Toowoomba is a perfect way to get physically and mentally fit and your kids will thank you for it!

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