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30 Fun Things to do in Stanthorpe with Kids

Stanthorpe is an emerging wine region in South East Queensland that not many know about. Despite being known for its wineries, Stanthorpe is a kid-friendly hidden gem ready to be explored by the energetic souls!

Stanthorpe is one of the many areas that are directly affected by the tragic Australian drought. Since then, Stanthorpe has upped its tourism game and are welcoming the crowd in for a good time. With crops growing and flowers blooming back, it was super easy to find a range of things to do in Stanthorpe with kids.

How to get to Stanthorpe

Go west young man… or woman… and kids!  LOL … Stanthorpe is south-west of Brisbane and if you drive it without stopping, it takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Best you stop though and take in the scenery. From Brisbane you will travel through Ipswich and Warwick. There are a bunch of things to do along the way – we wrote about some of the things to do between Brisbane and Ipswich here. 

If you are going via Toowoomba, we recommend you check out our 50 Things to Do in Toowoomba article too!

Here’s the best driving route to Stanthorpe from Brisbane:

The best Stanthorpe attractions

There is SO MUCH to do in and around Stanthorpe. If you are planning on going for a long weekend, it will be FULL. These attractions in Stanthorpe are our favourites and will keep families with kids of all ages entertained.

The Granite Belt Maze & Mini Golf

things to do in stanthorpe with kids

Up for a challenge? Get lost is the Granite Belt Maze by discovering clues and answering riddles to escape! Riddles are changed monthly to keep things refreshing, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to re-visit.
Found your way out of the maze? Don’t fret, the kids can resume the fun in a game of mini golf. Entry fees cover both activities, so you have nothing to lose!

Location: 364 Old Warwick Road, Glen Niven.

Phone: 04 6782 4520

Website: find out more here.

Granite Belt Bicycle Tours and Hire

Take a leisurely ride with the kids or enjoy a fully guided tour. Embrace the fresh air, picturesque scenery and wildlife in abundance. Along the way you can see everything from wineries, fruit orchards and even stop for a picnic lunch. Currently available only on the weekend.

Location: Leslie Parade, Stanthorpe, QLD, 4380.

Phone: 04 0560 4926

More info: click here

Granite Belt Christmas Farm

This place is where you can experience Christmas all year round! How does that sound? Mistletoe Store holds the candles, treats, gifts, decorations to your next festive Christmas. Walk around the Christmas tree farm and you might just get a real tree this year. Also, let’s not freak out about the fact that the kids may meet Rudolph the Reindeer.

Location: 321 Aerodrome Rd, Applethorpe QLD 4378

Phone: 04 1282 6842

More info: Granite Belt Christmas Farm website

Snowflakes in Stanthorpe Festival

Snowflakes in Stanthorpe Festival
Snowflakes in Stanthorpe Festival

Did you know? Stanthorpe is the coldest town in Queensland. If you are looking for snow in the Australian winter, you can get guaranteed snow at the Snowflakes in Stanthorpe Festival.

Mount Marlay Lookout

New to Stanthorpe? Make sure to witness the sunrise or sunset with your family at Mount Marlay Lookout. Gear up for a nice bushwalk or bike ride in an easy, moderate or difficult trail option.

Families Magazine Tip: Bring snacks!

Location: Lot 2 Lock St Stanthorpe QLD

Times: Open 24 hours

Weeroona Park

Weeroona Park is situated right next to the Quart Pot Creek, just a walk away to enjoy a nice splash in the shallow waters. Next to the park is the Stanthorpe Fitness Centre, equipped with a swimming pool, perfect for summer thrills! Weeroona Park is facilitated with cool sculptures for kids to fascinate over.

What are you waiting for? Get your picnic mats ready for a day at the park.

Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

The Stanthorpe Art Gallery is a good place to start the day before busking in the sun at a nearby park for lunch. Filled with phenomenal masterpieces, the art gallery holds kids’ art lessons and get-togethers too.

Location: Lock St, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

Phone: 07 4681 1874

Website: click here

Stanthorpe Heritage Museum

Intrigued by historical photographs, old buildings and collections? Bring your kids to the museum for an interesting tour. There are plenty of stories to tell and sights to see.

Location: 12 High St, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

Website: check their Facebook page for more info

Stanthorpe Little Theatre

Are your kids a fan of the performing arts? Drama, stage plays, musicals and music? There is an abundance of shows performed for kids and by kids! Different shows have different times and ticket prices.

Location: 20 Connor St, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

More Info: Stanthorpe Little Theatre website

Bush Rock Gallery

The Bush Rock Gallery is a local art gallery showing original paintings and limited edition prints handmade by resident artist Graeme Schreiber. Paintings are mainly landscapes and wildlife subjects and are done in realistic and semi abstract styles. The gallery is surrounded by a beautiful native plant garden.

Location: 29 Hoey Ln, Thorndale QLD 4380

Website: find out more

Storm King Dam

Storm King Dam is a lake created by the dam of the same name in Southern Downs Region, Queensland, Australia. It provides water for the town of Stanthorpe

This beautiful dam is one to stop by and relax by. Watch as birds swoop pass the water. Enjoy the sunset reflected on the still waters. Only 13 minutes’ drive from central Stanthorpe.

Girraween National Park

Take the 30 minutes’ drive down to the famous Girraween National Park, you won’t regret it. The breathtaking view is worth the trip. Facilities like restrooms, picnic areas and BBQ spots are available for your convenience and comfort.

Must see: Granite Arch & Underground Creek.

Can’t be bothered to drive off after a long day? Accommodation and campsites are available too.

Location: Pyramids Rd, Ballandean QLD 4382

Diamondvale Cottages

things to do in stanthorpe with kids

Stay at Diamondvale Cottages and you are ensured to be in for a treat. The accommodation is a great getaway option from the busyness of life. Set up a campfire and roast some marshmallows. Kids are sure to love this glamping experience!

Location: 26 Diamondvale Rd, Diamondvale QLD 4380

Phone: 0774681 3367

More info: check website for accommodation options and prices

Great places to eat with kids in Stanthorpe

Truffle Discovery Centre Stanthorpe

The kids might be mushroom experts, but have they heard or tasted rare French Black Perigord Truffles before? Bring your kids along to this truffle discovery centre and attend their talks, tastings, exhibits and more! Find out how these valuable shrooms are collected with their friendly truffle dog hunters.

Location: 335 Church Rd, The Summit QLD 4377

Phone: 0467 255 337

Website: Truffle Discovery Centre

Suttons Juice Factory & Apple Farm

things to do in stanthorpe with kids

Owners David and Ros Sutton are welcoming you to their humble apple orchard, where thousands of tasty products are made for the pleasure of your tastebuds. See how it’s all made while letting the little ones try their Famous Apple Pie, takeaway a couple of juices, jams and ciders.

Location: New England Hwy, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

Phone: 07 4685 2464

Website: click here

Stanthorpe Cheese

What more to say? ITS CHEESE! This is must visit hot spot. Where the kids can see how it’s made, taste the product and say hello to the furry milk sources. Parents can get their coffee fixes while indulging in their wide range of cheeses.

Location: 4 Duncan Ln, Thulimbah QLD 4376

Phone: 07 4685 2277

Website: check out their website here

Jamworks Gourmet Foods Café

Obsessed with jam? Jamworks Gourmet Foods Café has a huge menu, with fun and kid-friendly options to keep the young one fuelled! Stock up on jam, jelly, butter, pickles, marmalades and more. Pair it with their deliciously baked scones or bread.

Location: 7 Townsend Rd, Glen Aplin QLD 4381

Phone: 07 4683 4171

Website: click here

Strawberry picking in Stanthorpe

Must Do Things To Do in Stanthorpe With Kids In Tow, Strawberry picking

What better than to enjoy the fruits of your own labour, literally! Pick strawberries straight from the patch. Enjoy fresh and juicy strawberries carefully grown by this farm. This is the perfect activity for kids to learn how strawberries are grown, selected and picked for sale. Strawberry season runs from October – May.

Location: Ashbern Farms, 2 West Rd, Stanthorpe, QLD, 4380

Phone: 07 4681 0124

Cost: Free admission. Pay for what you pick.

Visit their website for more information.

Eastern Colour strawberry picking

You’ve probably been eating Driscoll Berries your whole lifetime. Bet you didn’t know this place is one of their suppliers. Pick some of your own, or purchase it already packaged for a quick road trip snack.

Location: 46 Border Rd, Applethorpe QLD 4378

Find out more on their Facebook page.

The Cherry Shop & Cafe

This quaint spot is a treasure spot for fresh produce, pantry items and not to mention, chocolate. If this list still has not impressed you, hopefully homemade ice cream will?

Location: The Cherry Shop, Glen Aplin QLD 4381 (Opposite Miners Ln)

Glen Aplin Mushroom Farm

Never lucky with growing your own mushrooms? It’s time to get the kids down and dirty for a tour of the mushroom farm. Be sure to learn a thing or two from local farmers.

Location: New England Hwy, Glen Aplin QLD 4381

Phone: 07 4683 4241

Where to visit animals near Stanthorpe

Happy Pig Farm

things to do in stanthorpe with kids

Make a pig-stop (did you see what I did there!?) at the joyous local accommodation, store and farm. Get a chance to pet family pigs, lambs, chickens and cows. Staying the night or not, be sure to grab a bite before you take off.

Location: 32 Cameron Rd, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

Phone: 04 1198 8415

More info: find out here

Kent Saddlery

The leather-goods store is known for its quality handmade goods, from saddlebacks to fashion, this local business is more than happy to let the kids make friends with their adorable ponies, alpacas, horses and sheep. A great souvenir idea!

Location: 25798 New England Hwy, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

Phone: 07 4681 4220

Website: click here

Glenisa Angus

Visit a family farm, known for its cattle breeding and genetics. Fascinating! It’s a perfect opportunity for kids to appreciate where fresh produce is originated from and how farmers so intelligently continue the supply.

Location: 27521 New England Hwy, Glen Aplin QLD 4381

Phone: 04 2871 8640

More info: visit their website here

Thunderbolt Farm

things to do in stanthorpe with kids

A humble and peaceful farm that serves quality wine, food and animals. Just walking distance away is a café – Blue Pot Pantry. That’s lunch sorted for the hungry little ones! From pasta, fries, dessert to the good ol’ aussie pie, make sure to get stuffed!

Location: 679 Thorndale Rd, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

Phone: 04 9912 0355

Phone: 04 2449 1829 (Blue Pot Pantry)

Find Thunderbolt Farm on Facebook

WeCare Country Kennels 

Say hi to the adorable doggos and kitties that need a home here. Known for their great service and welcoming hospitality, the owners have great love for little furry friends. They even run pet adoptions. Who knows? Your family might go home with new company.

Location: Tennant Rd, The Summit QLD 4377

Phone: 07 4683 2518

More info: click here

Shopping at Stanthorpe with kids

Market in the Mountains

The market in the mountains is run by Stanthorpe lovely crafters and hobbyists. Explore one of a kind clothing, confectionary, gifts, miscellaneous crafts, plants and many more.

Location: Stanthorpe Showgrounds, High St, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

Phone: 04 1776 0529

Website: click here

Washpool Farm Soaperie

Stanthorpe famous handmade soaps – Washpool Farm Soaperie is where your family wants to stop by for great gifts, souvenirs and not to mention, personal pleasures in the bath. Their goat milk or coconut organic soaps are great for kids with sensitive skin or allergies. Aesthetic and practical!

Location: 16 Bents Rd, Ballandean QLD 4382

Phone: 07 4684 1080

More info: click here

Relax, kick back, and watch as your kids immerse themselves in the fun activities that Stanthorpe has to offer. Do yourself a favour and plan your next family trip at this buzzing hub!

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