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Sugar Free Kids Party Bags

Stuck for ideas on kid’s party bags that won’t max out the credit card and aren’t filled cavity and tantrum inducing sugar? Here are some awesome alternatives for your child’s next party.

Ice pops

Make your own ice pops! You can pick up the materials you need from any number of department stores and supermarkets. It’s a quick, easy and healthy way to get the party started. 

Grassy heads

Grassy heads make great kids party bag favours. Depending on the age of the child you can either make them yourself or include all of the ingredients and print a set of instructions for making them at home. All you need is some sand, panty hose, fast growing grass seed, goggly eyes and glue. You can get creative and cut mouths, noses, ears and moustaches out of felt too. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for making your party bag grassy heads. tutorial for making your party bag grass heads.

Clever sugar free Party bag ideas

Art’n’craft bags

Pick up some paper carry bags from Spotlight, Lincraft or your local art supply store and fill with something crafty they can create. 


Invest in some great stickers based around themes that include farm yard, letters, bugs, kids from around the world, dinosaurs and butterflies. You’re sure to find something to suit your party bags.


For older kids over 3 you can create little packets of themed beads and threading elastic in a mini zip lock or cellophane bag for kids to design their own bracelet or necklace. You can pick up cheap and fun beads from craft stores and Spotlight. Online check out Etsy for themed beads. To keep the cost down, use one or two themed beads per bag and the rest colour matched cheaper beads.
Beads aren’t just for girls. For a budget party bag idea for boys, use leather cord instead of elastic and combine with few dinosaur or skull and cross bones beads combined with some bright wooden beads.

You can buy packets of alphabet beads and use these to create individualised party bags with the name of each child. You can also use alphabet beads and a cheap keyring from Mister Minit to create personalised keyrings for budget party bags.


Playdough is the ultimate budget party bag filler. It’s just flour, salt, oil, cream or tartar and water. If you can boil an egg you can make playdough. Add food colouring or glitter to create playdough to match your party theme. You can pick up fragrance oils or essential oils from dollar stores that you can use to scent your playdough strawberry, vanilla, peach, mango, peppermint, lavender etc. Body Shop fragrance oils are also great for creating amazing scented playdough that will delight big and small kids.

Fairy garden

You can create a delightful fairy garden kids party bag using a small terracotta pot instead of the traditional loot bag. Pick up a bag of potting mix and fill a cellophane bag with enough potting mix to fill the pot. Include a packet of magic flower fairy seeds and a fairy mushroom to complete your fairy garden ‘party bag’. To make the magic flower seeds, find some little glass vials from dollar or craft stores such as Riot Art and Craft. Fill the glass vials with mixed flower seeds The Reject Shop often has fairy mushrooms for a couple of dollars each. If you’re super organised, plant your own fairy garden pot about 4-6 weeks beforehand so that everyone can see what their fairy garden can become.

Think outside the junk box for awesome sugar free kids party bags

With a little organisation, imagination and creative thinking you can create junk free kids party bags that will delight and inspire both parents and kids.

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