Redcliffe Botanic Gardens | The Perfect Day Out You’ve Never Heard Of!

redcliffe botanic gardens
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Redcliffe Botanic Gardens is the perfect North Brisbane spot to unwind with the family. This is a gorgeous spot that so many people have never been to – will it be the next item on your family bucket list?

The gorgeous feature image comes from Visit Moreton Bay Region – check out their website for some amazing sights in the region! 

Redcliffe Botanic Gardens

Originally beginning life as a distinctly un-glamorous cow paddock, Redcliffe Botanic Gardens is now a beautiful and picturesque spot designed for families. The Council, alongside hard-working community groups, worked tirelessly to completely transform this place into a great FREE destination for families living in and visiting the region.

There are a number of shelters, facilities (bathrooms and drinking fountains) and plenty of places to spread out a picnic garden and relax. It’s a top spot!

Highlights of Redcliffe Botanic Gardens

Besides the serenity, that is!

  • A herb garden
  • A spring (pools and small waterfalls)
  • A garden and amphitheater
  • A rainforest
  • A glorious array of native flora – perfectly selected for the area and the climate

There are lots of great, easy-to-navigate walking paths that lead you through the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens. The whole area is quite accessible to all kinds of needs and requirements (some areas are easier than others) which makes it a great choice for an event or just a calm day out.

Where are the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens?

You can enter the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens via either George (general parking and off-street disability access) or Henzell (disability parking) streets. It’s only a thirty-minute drive from Brisbane CBD so, even if you’re not from the area, it’s easily accessed by everyone!

What to do, what to do…

Our suggestions for great family outings in Redcliffe Botanic Gardens are having a picnic, flying a kite or climbing some trees. You’re also more than welcome to bring sporting equipment to the park to make your own fun.

Please note – dogs are NOT permitted at Redcliffe Botanic Gardens.

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