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Plaster Fun House in Brisbane

Looking for creative fun for the whole family? Get arty at Plaster Fun House Belmont!

Plaster Fun House in Carina (previously Belmont)

Plaster Fun House Belmont

Families who visit Plaster Fun House Belmont are in for a rare treat. The super-cheap prices, enthusiastic and professional staff and the opportunity to spend time engaged in creative activities with your children make this a ‘must do’ for Brisbane families. If you’ve never considered how great kids plaster painting can be, now’s the time to make the trip to the Southside!

In 2016 Plaster Fun House Belmont moved premises to 5/1396 Creek Rd, Carina. They’ve kept their old name and their old-fashioned approach to genuine, active, hands-on fun.

What can we do at Plaster Fun House Belmont / Carina?

There’s plenty of options at Plaster Fun House. From casual visits to birthday parties to special events. Read on for our overview.

A fun morning or afternoon out

Plaster Fun House Belmont

If you’re arriving for a casual visit, you don’t have to phone ahead. Select from a huge range of 2D and 3D plaster pieces (you can check online and request a special piece ahead of time if you like), choose some accessories and take it all up to the counter.

The staff at Plaster Fun House Belmont will give you the tools you need (paints, water pot, brushes and art smock) and you’re off! If you run out of time they’ll put it aside for you and you can come back to finish another day! No need to rush kids plaster painting – encourage your little ones to take their time with their creations.

Plaster Fun House pieces start at about $3 and stretch up to $30 depending on the selections that you make. Entry is free! Once you’ve finished staff will glaze your masterpiece and then you can take it home a couple of minutes later.

Plaster Fun House Belmont birthday parties!

Plaster Fun House Belmont

There are three options for kids’ birthday parties at Plaster Fun House. These range from a simple party to a more catered event for a minimum of ten. Parties need to be booked in advance so management can ensure adequate staff are rostered on and preparation has been done so make sure you call ahead of time. You can find the party packages at this link.


Plaster Fun House Belmont regularly holds events for different ages groups – kids, teens and even adults! These nights regularly involve food, drinks, and music and are quite popular. There are country scenes and more complex art pieces for the grown-ups to dab their brushes at as well!

School holidays also see the introduction of special competitions and prizes.  You can also stay on top of happenings by following Plaster Fun House Belmont’s Facebook page.

At a glance…

Plaster Fun House Belmont

Address: 5/1396 Creek Rd, Carina

Entry: Free

Cost: $3-$30 (depending on the materials you choose)

Opening Hours: School terms Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm. School holidays 7 days 10am-5pm.

Do I need to book?: Might be a good idea on weekends and holidays to call ahead

Age range: Recommended for 3 and up

Plaster Fun House Brisbane – a creative choice for Brisbane families

This is a fun, mentally-stimulating and interesting activity for families looking for something a little different. If you’re looking to engage your children’s interests artistically, for a fraction of the cost of many other attractions, then Plaster Fun House Belmont is definitely the choice for you!

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