Finding a Great Kids’ Occupational Therapist on the Gold Coast

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Do you find it difficult to find the right occupational therapy to meet your child’s needs? Are you unsure of where to start with the large number of occupational therapists at the Gold Coast? We are here to help!

We’ve located a range of occupational therapies available throughout the Gold Coast, and based on customer reviews have highlighted the most popular places and why.

We hope this directory may enable you to locate the support you need for your family.

What is an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapies available at the Gold Coast utilise a range of assessment and intervention practices to develop, recover, or maintain activity for children, adults and groups.

The therapies themselves are carried out by qualified occupational therapists who work with their clients to achieve their goals, promote health, prevent injury and restore independence.

For adults and children living on the Gold Coast seeking support to sustain everyday tasks, you might want to try one of the groups below.

Occupational Therapist Gold Coast Boy playing with chickpeas during his sensory integration therapy

 Top choices for Occupational Therapists Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is fortunate to contain a wide range of occupational therapy solutions for the community. Here are three locations, popular for the range of occupational therapies available to children and their families on the Gold Coast:

1. Fabic |

Fabic is the occupational therapy hub providing fun and engaging therapy sessions for children and their families. The growing popularity of Fabic is attributed to the focus on developing a high quality of living for all its clients equipping them with the skills to achieve their potential.

The support services for children and families center on removing the barriers to participation in life/school/work as a result of physical and cognitive challenges. The extensive services can be conveniently carried out at the Fabic clinic, client’s residence, school/care centre or even via Skype.

2. Grow On |

Grow On is one of the long standing occupational therapies organisations located at the Gold the Coast. Their popularity is largely due to the effective combination of expert knowledge, understanding and a family centred support model. The team at Grow On are focussed on making a major difference in the lives of their clients and work hard to create a space that children enjoy attending, to provide effective solutions and to equip children with the resources they need to achieve their best results.

3. Empowered Kids |

The team at Empowered Kids provide a range of mobile occupational therapy services for kids, families and education facilities across the Gold Coast. Their popular holistic approach sees a focus on working together with families, schools and health professionals, empowering children to reach their potential.

The underlying platform of the work centres on equipping children with a strong support network to facilitate success. The focus of all the occupational therapies is on innovation, fun and integration making this business a popular choice for families seeking long term solutions and skill development.

Searching for “Occupational Therapist Gold Coast”?

The range of occupational therapies available to the residents of the Gold Coast are vast and in regards to therapies available to children and their families (and schools) there is an array of services and funding available to utilise for clients.

While it’s important to seek the advice from your chosen occupational therapy location together with your health professionals, there are a range of individual programs, group services, workshops, specialised school or education facility services which can be conducted at the business site, in your home or in the education facility your child attends.

For families needing support and flexibility there are a range of services that are aimed to provide facilitating services to ensure the child’s success does not rest solely on the family. There are also a large number of activities available for families looking to give their child some extra support in a co-curricular sense.

Hot Tips:

  • Services can be catered to meet the needs of the child and family attending, so ensure you enquire as to different ways the services can be conducted. Things like at-home services, assessments conducted over the phone, together with therapies that can be guided over Skype and within school hours are some considerations you may wish to enquire after.
  • There is extensive funding available for children, families and groups seeking occupational therapy services around the Gold Coast. The organisations you contact will be aware of the current funding options, but ensure to enquire as well.

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