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Modibodi Period Pants | A Mother and Daughter’s Honest Modibodi Review

Have you been considering Modibodi period pants? Are you already a fan and looking for a discount for Modibodi? Now is the perfect time as we have a great discount offer for you! Read our updated Modibodi review to find out more.

Being the mother of a thoroughly modern 14-year old, I was already aware of period underwear but somewhat unwilling to try them myself. However, my daughter had researched them, tried to talk me round, and eventually presented me with her laptop open to a completed Modibodi shopping cart just ready for me to enter payment details … for her. I relented. And after she tried them I admit I was curious to give them a go myself.

Here is our mother and daughter honest review of Modibodi period underwear.

What are period pants?

Period pants, or period underwear, are designed to be worn in place of pads and tampons for the duration of your period. For some people they can replace other sanitary products entirely, while for others they are a reassuring back-up.

What is Modibodi?

Modibodi is the premiere brand of period underwear in Australia and New Zealand. The brand is Australian, scientifically supported, and offers a range of products suitable for everyday wear. Yes, every day! Not just for your period, the Modibodi range also includes moisture wicking undies to wick away perspiration (great – we live in Queensland!), underwear for light bladder leakage (Ok, I’ve birthed two kids – I need this!), and period pants to suit flows from light, to heavy, to overnight.

The Modibodi range also includes swimwear, maternity wear, and vegan underwear, but more on that later.

Why did we try Modibodi period underwear?

This is where my daughter’s influence stepped in…

My daughter’s school sends their Grade 9 kids on a month-long “survivalist” style camp in term 4. The kids live in cabins at base camp, but go on several overnight survival hikes of durations up to four days, where they cook for themselves, build their own shelters and camp fires, and dig holes for their latrine. They have to bag and take all non-biodegradable waste back with them, including – sorry if it’s TMI – used sanitary products.

There was no doubt she was going to have a period on camp. The question was, would it happen while they were in the base camp cabins, or when they were camping under a canvas sheet beyond the black stump?

It happened on the big 3-night hike – no flushing toilets, and no rubbish or waste to be left behind. Was she glad she had her Modibodi period panties? You betcha!

One pair of period underwear saw her through a whole day of hiking and climbing, then she’d change into a fresh pair for overnight, securely enclosing the worn pair into a ziplock bag to be washed when back at the cabins. She was so pleased with the performance of her period underwear that when Modibodi contacted Families Magazine to ask if I’d be willing to try them and write a review, there was only one answer I could give – you betcha!

Modibodi review – a teenager’s perspective

When my daughter first bought her Modibodi, she chose from the women’s range. When we were invited to write the review, a new range specifically for teenagers had been released – Modibodi Red.

Red by Modibodi

Red by Modibodi includes Hipster Boyshort and Hipster Bikini period underwear in plain black or patterns, with the constantly evolving range now also including period swimwear. Previously, my daughter had tried the women’s classic bikini and seamfree bikini as Red wasn’t available at the time. This is what she chose for her Red by Modibodi teenage review:

Red by Modibodi Teen Period Pants

Her selection included black hipster bikini, moderate-heavy absorbency; black hipster boyshort, moderate-heavy absorbency; and peach dots hipster bikini, moderate-heavy absorbency.

Red by Modibodi Materials

The main fabric of Modibodi Red is cotton with the absorbent liner comprised of merino wool, spandex and polyester.

Modibodi Design

Having tried the women’s bikini period underwear before, my daughter is now a convert to the boyshort. She loves them! Miss 14 says they’re stylish and comfortable, perfect for sports because they don’t ride up, and ideal for wearing under her school uniform. Of course, she loves all her Modibodi period products, but I’m definitely going to have to buy her more boyshorts!

Modibodi Teen Sizing

The size guide on the Modibodi website is pretty accurate. Knowing that we all have a tendency to bloat before a period, she checked her measurements and went with the sizing that matched the upper end of her measurements – the Youth 10-12. She found them a perfect fit.

Modibodi Performance

Having tried and not liked tampons, my daughter had been a slave to sanitary pads since she began her periods. Periods had always been unpleasant occurrences – even the thinnest of pads has a tendency to bunch up, and she was always self-consciously aware of the risk of leaks and odours at school. I remember those days of my youth well. No wonder she was so keen to find an alternative.

Here’s what Miss 14 has to say about Modibodi Red:

“They’re great! They’re so comfortable to wear and easy to use as I don’t have to worry about leaking throughout the day. They’re just like ordinary underwear so they make me forget I’m on my period. I don’t have to “change” them throughout the day either because they don’t get icky like pads do. One pair for day, and one pair for night.

“I also like that they’re environmentally friendly. They’re reusable instead of just a one-time thing so heaps better for the environment, instead of more plastic going into landfill and the ocean. They’re expensive at first but you save money in the long run. I won’t go back to pads or tampons.”

“What about managing the hygiene side?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s a little bit awkward because you have to rinse them out, but once you’ve done it the first time and seen that there’s nothing to it, it just becomes a normal part of having your period.”

Modibodi Care Instructions

I admit, I thought the rinsing would be the worst aspect of using Modibodi period underwear for her, but she handles it so well I never really know when she’s on her period. She rinses her undies out in the shower or laundry sink and washes and dries them herself with her other clothes. She’s obviously not as squeamish as I was at the thought of “free-bleeding” into your underwear!

Why my teenager thinks Red by Modibodi is great:

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Odourless
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Look just like normal underwear
  • Don’t bunch up like pads
  • Perfect fit means no leakage
  • No-one knows you’re on your period
  • Can be worn any day, not just period days
  • Thin gusset (only 3mm thick) so you don’t get that “pad” feeling
  • You feel constantly dry and ‘clean’ all day
  • No need to excuse yourself from the classroom to check you haven’t leaked or to change your pad (because everyone just knows that’s what you’d be doing, especially if you have ‘something’ tucked up your sleeve or in your waistband!)

“Is there anything you don’t like about Modibodi period pants?” I asked.

“The overnight ones have the absorbency bit all the way up the back to the waistband. I can feel the seams on that, but I know why it has to be there; in case of heavy flow when you’re sleeping on your back. After a while you don’t feel the seams, but it’s definitely noticeable for a while when you put them on.”

Modibodi teenager review – the verdict

My teenager loves them. It’s all she’s used for her period since she first bought them for her school camp, and considering how frequently she checks out the website for new designs and asks me for the swimwear, I’ve a feeling she won’t be changing her mind about them any time soon!

If your daughter is approaching the time of her first period, Modibodi is the perfect product to help her feel secure that she won’t get ‘caught out’ at school. They’re also ideal for everyday wear during those first few periods when timing can be a little unpredictable.

Modibodi period underwear review – A mother’s perspective

I confess, when my daughter first spoke to me about period underwear I thought, nope – that’s not for me. The idea of free-bleeding into underwear seemed gross, risky, smelly and unhygienic. Give me safe, clean tampons any day! But I know that tampons aren’t really that safe or clean, and they take up to 500 years to decompose. I’ve always preached an environmental consciousness to my children, so when my daughter told me of the benefits of wearing period panties I was willing to let her be my test subject!

When she made her positive report to me, my mind felt more at ease and I was curious to give them a go myself. Here’s what I ordered:

Modibodi Period Underwear

Modibodi Active Brief, light-moderate absorbency in black, and Classic Bikini in heavy/overnight absorbency. I was curious about trying the coloured undies, in the light of providing a thorough review, to see if anything was visible or if it was all wicked away, but I needn’t have worried. As you can see they have a black gusset, so absolutely nothing is visible – it’s all safely absorbed out of sight to maintain cleanliness and dryness.

Modibodi Women’s Sizing

I’d read a few reviews that said to choose sizing on the larger end of your scale. I consider myself to be a size 12-14, so I ordered my Modibodis in a size 14. They’re a perfect fit, and I especially like the cut of the Active Brief.

Modibodi Materials

The materials used in Modibodi are environmentally sustainable, combining bamboo and spandex for a comfortable fit with the liner comprising merino wool for absorbency, spandex and polyester.

Modibodi Comfort

They are soooo comfortable! Again, the Active Brief won out on comfort, but that’s probably because they weren’t the overnight absorbency. Like my daughter, I was consciously aware of the seams running up my behind to the waistband on the overnight knickers, but it certainly wasn’t enough to keep me awake, and I slept soundly and confidently in the knowledge that my underwear wouldn’t leak.

The materials used are soft and stretchy. For a woman somewhere on the downward slope to 50, I felt that I looked good in my Modibodi, and they actually gave me a confidence boost!

The gusset is only 3mm thick – less than most sanitary liners – so you really don’t feel any difference to normal underwear at all.

Modibodi Performance

10 out of 10! I’m lucky to not have particularly heavy periods anyway, but even the light-moderate absorbency lasted a full day – no unpleasant odours, no unpleasant sights, no unpleasant wetness. I felt clean, dry and comfortable all day long.

Rinsing after wearing wasn’t an issue – as a mother my kids have already given me a lot worse to handle, so in comparison this was a breeze. If you really don’t like the idea, you could always just use the rinse cycle on your washing machine, but that does detract from the environmental benefit somewhat.

As a mother, I also cross my legs when I sneeze (I’m sure I’m not alone in that!), but these Modibodi period pants are described as “Pee & Period Proof”. No worries there! They’re also perspiration proof, wicking away sweat and providing added comfort in our warm Queensland weather and when exercising.

Modibodi Review Update – Mum’s “perimenopausal” life

Since originally reviewing in April 2019, it seems I have reached that point in my life when Aunt Flo’s visits are becoming a little more erratic. Sometimes it feels I can never get rid of her, and sometimes she leaves it so long between visits I wonder if I’ll ever see her again. But dear old Aunt Flo loves to surprise me by turning up unexpectedly. 

Modibodi is the perfect everyday underwear product for this stage of life. I wear the light-moderate Modibodis as my usual daily underwear, so no matter when Aunt Flo decides to visit I am ready for her!

Modibodi product range

Modibodi Product Range

The Modibodi range includes several styles of period underwear including boyleg, bikini, and even lacy. They also have maternity wear, which includes a fantastic breastfeeding singlet that absorbs milk leakage, active wear and swim wear. The range is constantly growing to include new styles, colours and patterns.

Modibodi now also produce vegan period underwear (not yet in the Modibodi Red range, but the women’s vegan range has sizes that will fit most teenagers). The vegan range contains no animal-sourced materials, omitting the merino wool.

You can save money by buying bundle packs or period underwear for women and teens, which include a range of products, and if you’re worried that you may need to change your underwear during the day when you are away from home, Modobodi also sell a washable waterproof wet/dry bag to securely keep your used period underwear or wet swimwear in.

Modibodi mother’s review – the verdict

I’m a convert. I didn’t think I would be, but when my period arrives I get a little feeling of “Yay, I can wear my Modibodi!”

An unexpected side-effect for me was that I also have less period pain now that I’m no longer using tampons. I feel like my period is more natural; I feel clean and I’m happier that I’m having a more positive impact on the environment for my children and future generations.

My daughter and I agree – we’ll definitely only be using Modibodi underwear for our periods from now on.

Modibodi discount code & T&C’s.

If you want to try Modibodi for your daughter or yourself, you can save 10% off orders over $100 for new AND returning customers. Enter the code FAMILIESMAG10 at the checkout to save. Code is valid until 31/12/22.

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, on sale, gift cards or bundle packs. Does not apply to Maxi-24 hr and Puma collaboration products. Limit of one use per customer.

*Puma product isn’t eligible for discounts excluding the 10% sign up discount we have on site

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