Miniature Goats | What you need to know before bringing a goat home!

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Miniature goats as pets? We ain’t kidding! Here’s what you need to know before you invite these little bleaters into your home.

Miniature goats – the new thinking family’s pet!

As crazy as this may sound to some of us city slickers, having a goat as a pet could be the best choice for your family. And we all know about the health benefits of owning a family pet! Despite their sometimes cheeky (and can-eating) reputation, these little kids can be extremely gentle and fit right in to your lifestyle.

They do not kick, bite or scratch! Aside from the basics, they’re relatively fuss free in terms of training and they will form bonds with your children that will last a lifetime!

What kind of family would suit a miniature goat?

Miniature goats

These animals are well-documented to be especially good with children who have cognitive, developmental or sensory issues. Their ability to interact without risk of injury makes them a great choice for families who may be concerned about animals like cats and dogs who can sometimes be unpredictable.

Is there any legal stuff I should know?

You need to make sure your council area is appropriately zoned to have an animal like this as a pet. Make sure you check with your local branch or get in touch with your Department of Primary Industry office. Additionally, you may need a Property Identification Number as well but this is free.

Failure to comply with council and government regulations to do with owning any animal incur fines so it’s up to you to make sure the research is done.

What about my other pets?

Miniature goats are very resilient, flexible animals! They’re happy to live harmoniously with most other animals but the introduction process may take a while. Go with your gut – are your current animals happy to share a yard and affection? Make sure it’s in everyone’s best interests.

What do miniature goats need?

Miniature goats

Animals like these need space to run, shelter, adequate fencing and appropriate socialisation. At least two miniature goats would be ideal so the animals do not get lonely.

Know any local goat gurus?

Queensland’s answer for all things goat is Naughty Little Kids. To get an idea of what goat ownership would be like, or to experience the little darlings firsthand, get in contact with them to see what you can find out.

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