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Here’s How to Stay Connected with Grandparents | Mail a Hug!

There’s often a special unbreakable bond between grandparents and grandchildren, but how can you maintain that bond when distance or circumstance keeps you apart? Easy – mail a hug! Here’s how.

How to make a hug

To make a hug you will need:

  • A child
  • A big sheet of paper (butcher’s paper or several large sheets of clean deli paper taped together)
  • Paint, crayons and/or other decorative stuff

Mail A Hug directions

Tracing your hug
  • Lay your paper out on a smooth flat surface
  • Ask your child to lie on the paper
  • Have your child spread their arms in a big welcoming hug
  • Trace around your child’s head, arms and upper torso
  • Draw in features (eyes, nose, BIG smile!)
  • Decorate your hug and cut it out, or add messages around the outline

Finishing touches to your Mail A Hug

Add a loving note, and maybe a poem or story about what you’re looking forward to doing together when can see each other again. Remind the recipient that this Mail A Hug is reusable and to wrap it around themselves often.

Carefully fold the hug into a large envelope and send!

Posting your hug

If your hug is in a large envelope you will need the correct postage. Check the size of your envelope against the current national and international postage costs here.

Who else could use a hug?

A hug can brighten anyone’s day, and there are many  people who would love to receive one. This simple act of kindness can make a huge difference to the lives of many. Why not make and pack up your hug in advance, and save it to send out for a special occasion, like Mother’s Day. It’s a great way to keep the kids occupied too when they’re stuck indoors!

See our hugs below

Take a look at these hugs-in-progress and all ready to be sent to someone we love!

Master 12 is sending his to his Dad in the UK.

Miss 10 and Master 11 are giving theirs to their teachers who are amazing right now…

Who would you send your hug to?

Let us know in comments who you would send your hug to. We would LOVE to know!

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Joanne loves speaking directly to people of all ages through the medium of writing, sharing tips and knowledge for families and kids to help everyone get the most out of life. Her focus is on the development of resilience, confidence and independence in children, and on helping families engage and create lasting memories. Self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth are vital skills that Joanne believes children need to learn early to help them grow as adults.

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