Things to Do This Mother’s Day in Toowoomba

Mother's Day Toowoomba
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Looking for ideas for Mother’s Day 2021 or wondering what should I do for Mother’s Day in Toowoomba?

This list will give you lots of good ideas for Mothers Day outings in Toowoomba.

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Mail a hug 

Get in early with this one and make a life-sized hug to send to Mum, Grandma, or other loved ones. Here’s how.

Mother’s Day picnic 

Why not surprise mum with a beautiful picnic? It’s a great, budget friendly option, and you can keep your social distance too! Set up a picnic in your back garden and invite your mum to do the same, then toast each other from your own lawns and patios via Skype or another meeting software. It also allows the whole family to connect with one another without leaving your homes.

Send a meal

Check your mother’s favourite restaurant to see if they are offering a delivery service for Mother’s Day. If they are, you can SEND a meal for her to enjoy at home!

State Rose Garden Newtown Park

If you don’t fancy a walk or run, why not relax with your mum amongst the roses in Newtown Park, 1,500 of them!  The State Rose Garden at Newtown Park is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing picnic with barbeques and picnic areas available amongst the beauty of the rosarium.

Where: Taylor Street, Corner of Holberton, Tor and Pottinger Streets, Toowoomba

Phone: 1800 331 155

Mother’s Day High Tea 2022

Enjoy a delicious high tea with your Mum or Grandmother, this is the place to be. Celebrate Mother’s Day with a delectable high tea, including savoury and sweet treats, a glass of Prosecco or non alcoholic punch.

Where: Encores Restaurant, 56a Neil St, Toowoomba, 4350

Time: 10am – 12pm

Cobb+Co Mother’s Day Breakfast 2022

Cobb+Co Museum are hosting a delicious breakfast for Mum this Mother’s Day. Plus there are heaps of fun activities to do on the day too! Bookings are essential and can be made by calling 4659 4910.

Where: Cobb+Co Museum, 27 Lindsay Street

Find out more

Spa Day for Mums 

Going to a day spa is just not something a mum would normally do for herself.  It’s too much of a luxury to have someone rub your feet, to wear a big fluffy robe, to sit in a room with candles and be treated like royalty. For many mums, it’s a quick route to mummy guilt and feeling that it’s money that should be spent on something else and not her own wellbeing. That’s why giving a mum or mum to be a day spa gift voucher works. It’s pretty much telling her to go and be treated like a queen with absolutely no guilt attached. She has no choice but to accept and use the voucher!

Where: various locations in Toowoomba

When: Whenever she wants!

Find out about spa days for mums here.

Toowoomba Japanese Gardens

Perhaps your mum prefers the harmony of a Japanese garden? Why not take her for a picnic in the Toowoomba Japanese Gardens at the University of Southern Queensland where she can have a chance to relax amongst the Zen-like elements of the manicured gardens filled with streams and waterfalls, Japanese and Australian natives and manicured lawns.

Where: West St, Darling Heights

If you’re keen to take your mum somewhere to eat when restaurants reopen, Toowoomba has some great child friendly restaurants.

Mother’s Day Classic 2022

Get active for breast cancer this Mother’s Day. We are delighted to share that a Mother’s Day Classic event will be held at Queen’s Park, Toowoomba in 2022! Local locations will be smaller and more informal compared to traditional MDC events, but they will be big on community spirit!

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