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Magical Aromatherapy Potions for Kids

Oh to be a child again. Where learning about biology, science and chemistry was magical, exciting, fun and smelt pretty damn amazing. If your child is going through a magic phase and is into potions, lotions, aromatic oils and candles it’s a wonderful opportunity to not only indulge in a little aromatherapy pampering yourself but you can also sneak in some educational overtones.
Once the spell has been cast, the learning begins. You could be inspiring a future aromatherapist, scientist or chemist with these magical aromatherapy potions.

Potion to recharge your inner well of magic

This powerful potion will calm the mind and spirit, allowing your inner reserves of magic to be recharged. This is the magical equivalent of the charger for your iPad or iPod, and you should never leave home without it. It goes without saying that this potion should only be used for the working of good magical deeds.

  • Potion to recharge your inner well of magic: 5 drops lavender + 4 drops sweet orange + 3 drops of vetiver
  • Add to your oil burner whenever you need to recharge your magic or simply need to feel calm and peaceful. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply through your nose and down into your tummy to help the essential oil potion fully recharge magical reserves.
  • Add to a spray bottle of water, shake well and spray several times into the air. Close your eyes and walk through the magical mist while breathing deeply.
  • Mix with 50 ml of sweet almond or apricot kernel oil. Massage a small amount into your temples, wrists and feet when needed.

Activize potion to empower and invigorate

A potent spellbinding potion to stimulate and strengthen. This is the magical equivalent of a very very strong coffee. Use it whenever you need a magical energy boost.

Activize potion to empower and invigorate: 5 drops of lemon oil + 4 drops of peppermint oil + 3 drops tea tree oi

  • Add to your oil burner in the morning as you get ready for school to enjoy a magically invigorating start to the day.
  • Add to a spray bottle of water, shake well and spray 5 spritzes into the air around you, breathe deeply and feel your magic multiply.
  • Mix with 50 ml of sweet almond or apricot kernel oil. Massage a small amount onto your wrists, the bottom of your rib cage and around your belly button.

Elixir of information

This elixir inspires mental vigour of the highest magnitude and is best used while doing homework. A few drops on a tissue can be used to inhale during exams.

Elixir of information: 5 drops of rosemary oil + 4 drops of lemon oil + 3 drops of sweet orange oil

  • Add to your oil burner while studying or doing homework
  • Add to a spray bottle of water, shake well and spray around your desk before doing homework and any time you need to recharge your brain.
  • Mix with 50 ml of sweet almond or apricot kernel oil. Massage a small amount into your temples and hands. Cup your hands over your face and inhale deeply.

Magical safety first

Essentials oils are powerful agents and their powers can be used for good and for evil so don’t treat them with disdain. Seriously though, there are few safety precautions to follow to ensure that the magic flows harmoniously and there are no visits to the hospital or doctors required.

  • Magical aromatherapy potions are not for drinking, their magic works best when used in oil vaporisers, in massage oil or spritzed through a room in a spray.
  • Always dilute them.
  • Some oils can irritate sensitive skin and most will irritate eyes. If irritation occurs, don’t use water, this will spread the essential oil over more skin and make things worse. Use full cream milk or even olive oil to rinse and wipe the affected areas. If oils get in the eye, use full cream milk to wash the oil out. Essential oils are volatile and the fat in milk picks them up and carries them away.
  • If you’re using candle powered oil diffusers don’t leave them unattended in a room due to the potential fire risk. Electric plug in oil diffusers are available.

Inspire a little apothecary

To get into the correct potion making mood and frame of mind have all of your ingredients ready on tray before you begin. Set the mood with some music and even light a few candles. Open each bottle of essential oil and have your child waft the open bottle under their nose. Have them close their eyes and inhale deeply to feel the effect of the oil on their body. Does it make them feel relaxed and calm, energized and invigorated or happy and exuberant?

When you’re ready, begin crafting your magical aromatherapy potions. Don’t forget to a put a label on your creations when you’re done.

Enjoy the magic of these aromatherapy potions and the inherent wonder and enchantment of childhood.

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