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Magic Potions for Kids

Is your child part fairy or aspiring to attend Hogwarts next year? Did you know that your back yard garden is a treasure trove of magical ingredients that can be used to create potions and elixirs to attract good fairies and repel any bad guys such as spriggans, vampires and goblins? Play around with magical potions long enough and you may actually stumble upon one that also repels bills from your letterbox too.

Magical potion safety

Any fairy, witch, wizard or aspiring magic user knows that magical potions can be used for both good and nefarious purposes. In order to ensure that the mailman is not turned into a giant cane toad it’s important to follow some basic safety rules when making magical potions in the garden:

  • Magical potions should be never be drunk. These potions work best when sprayed into the air for the wind sprites to carry them where they’re needed.
  • Don’t spray magical potions into anyone’s face – if you get some in your eyes it can sting or give you a bad case of evil eye.

Magical potion to attract fairies to your garden

Encouraging fairies to visit your house and garden is a wonderful thing to do. It brings you good luck and will ensure that you grow stronger and smarter while you sleep each night. They also help to keep bad dreams away and chase monsters out from under the bed.

Into a silver bowl filled with water you must add 5 red rose petals, 3 clover flowers, a gum leaf, a handful of purple flowers (Jacaranda or lavender flowers are perfect) and a smooth white stone. If you can’t find a real silver bowl, a stainless steel one will work just fine.

After adding your ingredients, stir the water making a figure of 8. Repeat this 7 times then leave the bowl out in the sun for 15 minutes in order to charge up the magic.

While the magic is charging in your bowl, gather a strainer, a funnel and a plastic spray bottle. After 15 minutes, strain the ingredients out and use the funnel to fill up the plastic spray bottle. Spray the magic potion to attract fairies throughout your house and garden. Don’t forget to spray under your bed and in your cupboard.

Magical potion to repel vampires

This powerful magical potion not only repels vampires but it also scares away goblins and any witch’s familiar disguised as a cat or moth who might be spying on you in order to learn your magical secrets.

In your silver (or stainless steel) bowl filled with water add 3 cloves of garlic chopped into 4 pieces each, 7 blades of grass, a yellow leaf and a sprig of mint with 5 leaves. To charge the magic in this potion you must leave it outside overnight to collect moon beams. Any night works but the most powerful magic potions are created when left out under a full moon.

Once your potion has charged under the light of the moon, strain into a plastic spray bottle and then spray all around the outside of your house. Also remember to spray along the bottom of doors and windows.

Some magic each day is a great way to play

Encouraging magical play with your child can be a fun and exciting way to spend special time with them and re-kindle some magical memories from your own childhood. It can also be educational. Encourage them to count out the magical ingredients and write out the instructions into a special magical spell and potion book. If you’re into gardening it’s also a great way to engage with them about different plants, herbs and trees in the garden too. You might even start a magical herb and flower garden together. The magic of childhood is an incredibly special time for little fairies, witches and wizards.

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