Kids Obstacle Course | How to create a backyard of fun for your kids!

kids obstacle course

Create an amazing kids obstacle course with these super simple steps.

Kids playing aimlessly outside can sometimes mean disaster during school holidays and weekends. While it is good to let them explore without any parental resources, there’s only so much of that they can do before they are squabbling or even worse, back inside begging you for that ipad again! Building a kid’s obstacle course is fun, cheap and super easy!

What is a kid’s obstacle course?

A kid’s obstacle course needn’t be complicated. All you need is some household items and a bit of yard space. Get your children moving by providing parts of the course that are challenging and also works different parts of their body and its skills! Things like crawling, hopping, running, balancing and jumping will all work their bodies and leave them feeling pumped!

Items required for a good obstacle course?

Here’s some items you can gather up from home to build a fantastic obstacle course.

  1. Cardboard boxes – Use large cardboard boxes as tunnels or small ones like shoe boxes to have them aim and throw into.
  2. Laundry baskets – Laundry baskets can become so many things! Climb into them as a jumping task, use them as sleds or have children aim or collect balls in them as fast as they can.
  3. Ladder – lay a ladder flat and have children step through it
  4. Egg and spoon – Why not incorporate the classic egg and spoon race? If you don’t want to use eggs try golf balls on ladles which can be easier for younger children.
  5. Planks of wood – If you have a plank of wood and some smaller pieces you can easily lay out a simple balance beam for kids to walk across. Make it tricker by having them balance something on their head!
  6. Outdoor toys – If you have a cubby, slide or swing in your yard you can incorporate it into the course too. Try putting an inflatable pool at the end of a slide filled with water or soft, plastic balls.

How can you keep the kids interested in an obstacle course?

The best way to make sure you don’t go to all this effort and find the kid’s obstacle course only keeps them amused for minutes is to get their involvement in the design! Older kids will love mapping out the idea, coming up with rules and timing themselves! Have them try and beat their PBs and figure out ways to make the course easier or harder. It will have them amused for hours and out of your hair. On top of that they’ll be getting their minds and bodies healthy and active.

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Indoor obstacle course for kids

If the weather is bad or you are looking for an indoor obstacle course for kids, we LOVE this one that we made in our hallway.

kids obstacle course

Kids Obstacle course directions

  1. Find some long string that you can cut
  2. Measure lengths across the hallway
  3. Use scissors to cut it into varied lengths
  4. Stick each length with blu tac
  5. Use a stop watch (or your phone) to time each ‘run’
  6. Kids can climb under, over or go through the lengths
  7. Leave them to it to adjust the course as they so desire!

The best thing about this obstacle course is that they can build and change it to vary the degree of difficulty – hours of fun!!

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