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Jet Boating on the Gold Coast is Fun for the Whole Family!

In a thrill-seeking craze that seems to get bigger and bigger, Jet Boat Gold Coast tours seem like the perfect answer for kids looking for that rush of adrenaline. But what do you need to know if you’re taking your family? We take a look and try to answer some of your questions.

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What is a jet boat?

Jet boats are different from normal boats that have propellers at the back. Instead, a jet boat intakes water from UNDER the boat and into a pump-jet INSIDE the boat before expelling it out the back. They’re low, they’re fast and they’re FURIOUSLY good fun.

Jet boats were first invented in New Zealand in the 1960’s to help with farming but their flexibility, speed and dexterity make them the ideal choice for thrill seekers.

Are they safe for kids?

That’s the question that lots of families are asking!

Jet boat companies (who are registered, safety-checked and want to keep their good reputations) are bound by law to adhere with safety requirements. That means that individual companies may have different height / weight restrictions. There is an expectation that everyone on board will comply with the safety instructions and wear their life jackets at all times.

Many of these companies say that they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. However, as with any other aspect of parenting, it’s important that you keep the safety of your family first and foremost and use your discretion. Just because EVERYONE ELSE is doing something doesn’t always mean it’s the right thing for you to do as well!

However, all of that being said, the jet boat Gold Coast businesses that we’ve listed below are well-known for their safety and sense of responsibility. They’ll be able to directly respond to your individual circumstances and answer any particular questions you have relating to how your family will respond to this unique and exciting challenge.

Where can we find jet boat Gold Coast companies?

There are a few local companies who we’d recommend you talk to.

  • Gold Coast Water Sports (located at Sea World Resort)
  • Jet Boat Extreme
  • Paradise Jet Boating
  • Surfers Paradise Parasail, Jet Ski Hire & Jet Boating
  • Ocean Jet Boating
  • Surfers Jet
  • GC Jet Boat

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