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Gold Coast Playgrounds With Fences – Let Those Children Roam Free!

When you have young children, finding a wonderful playground that is fenced in can feel like the equivalent to finding the Holy Grail. Gold Coast playgrounds with fences provide families with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, engage in happy and active play and the peace of mind that comes with not having to watch out for a mad dash for the car park!

We’ve collated a number of the BEST fenced playgrounds that may well be just what you’re looking for.

Where to find the best Gold Coast playgrounds with fences

gold coast playgrounds with fences boy climbing

There are a large number of playgrounds on the Gold Coast that have plenty to offer families looking for healthy risk-taking fun. 

The following playgrounds have been separated by location and contain what WE think are some of the best amenities for parents and young children. If you have any additional playground that you would like to recommend please feel free to leave a comment and we can amend our list!


The Broadwater Playground

This is an absolute stalwart of the Gold Coast playground set and it’s one of the first things that many visitors to the city see as they drive in. This is a playground that packs a serious punch. In addition to the fenced areas, kids can enjoy:

  • Jumping Pillow
  • Tidal pool and water play area
  • Flying fox
  • All abilities playing area

There are toilets and change facilities as well as a wide variety of nearby stores. Parking can be a little tight at times so your best bet is to get in early.

Washington Waters Playground

Caveat for this one – it’s partially fenced. It still, however, earns a place in the best Gold Coast playgrounds with fences wrap up. It’s across from Australia Fair so you’ve got a lot to offer just in there. The cutest thing on offer is the little monorail where your tiny tots can feel the wind in their hair. There’s also a mini bike circuit and some great play equipment on offer. Plenty of room for a picnic as well and the water’s near by for a swim. Lovely!

Palm Beach

Laguna Park

As you can see from that awesome photo, this Gold Coast playground with fencing is tonnes of fun! Lots of play equipment, a super-cute monorail (which GC locals and tourists just love!) and HEAPS more to keep the whole family entertained. Little ones can have a taste of adventure on the equipment and then stare in awe as the big kids go bananas on the trickier items.

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Pirate Park

gold coast playgrounds with kids pirate park

Argh me hearties! Every man and his sea dog is just itchin’ to get their hands on this fab playground. Awarded a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor, this incredible space offers lots of opportunities for creative play opportunities to arise. Watch out for crocodiles! The facilities are A+ around here and you should be in for a day of adventure and no worries. The park can become crowded so we recommend timing your trip to avoid the hustle and bustle.

North Burleigh

North Burleigh Beach Playground

There is a circle of swings (very popular with older kids and teens just hanging out), climbing equipment and a sand buggy for littlies to go wild in. There are a number of food and drink options nearby and parking is usually very easy to come by.


Cascade Gardens

One of the playgrounds here is fully fenced, offering parents with young children the chance to relax. There are a number of places you can have a picnic or a BBQ here as well – plenty of facilities! There’s an all abilities swing so everyone can have fun. If you’re up to it after a massive play, there are a number of walking tracks around the gardens that will wear out even the most tenacious of toddlers.

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Kurrawa Pratten Park All Abilities Playground

WELL. What can we say about Kurrawa Pratten Park that hasn’t already been said?! This is a DIVINE spot to bring the kids and definitely one of the best Gold Coast playgrounds with fences. Slides going down safe hills? Check. All abilities play equipment? Check. Flying fox? Check. Climbing nets? Check. SWAYING BOAT?! You better believe that’s a check!

We adore this spot. Toilets, parking, picnics, the whole nine yards. It’s a great place and you can breathe a little easier knowing there’s a nice sturdy fence around.


Harley Park

Harley Park could well be the cleanest and tidiest playground on the Gold Coast. Not only is this facility fenced, but there’s wonderful age-appropriate play equipment as far as the eye can see. The pleasant surrounds offer a plethora of opportunities for a leisurely family stroll or a run (if you’ve got a running pram). (Or even faster if someone else watches the kids). It’s one of our favourites for an off the beaten track YET wonderful play experience.

gold coast playgrounds with fences skate bowl

Fences. They’re a beautiful thing. If you’re aware of any other great Gold Coast playgrounds that have fences that we’ve missed we’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments.

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