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Friday: The Official Family Day at Freeman’s Organic Farm

When Friday finally rolls around most parents need a triple shot latte. You are not alone in feeling dazed from the busy week; thankfully the lovely team at Freeman’s Organic Farm has conceived a way for parents and their young to take a well deserved break, in a beautiful location every Friday from 9:00am-1:00pm. They have devised a mix that is proving popular with families of the Gold Coast.

The focus is on relaxation, great coffee, fabulous cake and a Buy-Swap-Swell type market. This winning combination is a growing magnet for parents of the surrounding area and before you ask, yes you can even sneak in an early lunch before heading home to do the housework (aka watch Netflix).

Freeman’s Organic Farm market fresh food in garden

What you’ll find at Friday Family Friendly Day at Freeman’s Farm

The Friday Freeman’s Farm festivities are aimed at providing parents with a friendly, community strengthening environment and a lovely outdoor spot for the kids to run around. Visitors are encouraged to bring picnic blankets to spread out, order a coffee and cake and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

The addition that makes this morning so interesting is the Buy-Swap-Swell market that is still in the establishment phase but gaining traction every week. Everyone coming along is encouraged to bring items they have made or created and setup a market type stall to trade with customers. It’s a casual affair, so stall holders are encouraged to setup as they are comfortable. On the day we visit, the market is setup on some rustic farm tables and under a bright yellow umbrella. Customers browse through what’s on offer and some sales are made.

The vibe being created is one of community cohesion, so if that suits you and your brood, head on up for a visit.

Freeman’s Organic Farm children exploring outdoors

Freeman’s Organic Farm family with small children patting dog while picnicing on grass

What’s on the Program at the Freeman’s Family Friendly Morning

The program is as busy or as relaxed as you want it, that’s the beauty of the Friday Family Day at Freeman’s Organic Farm.

The day we visit sees groups of parents enjoying coffee on the grassy knoll, wandering around the makeshift layouts, playing with their kids, eating delights from ieightcake (the amazing café based at Freeman’s) and staring off into the distance at the mesmerising view of Currumbin Valley, this morning can easily make you forget the hustle of your life below, just for a moment while you unwind.

Freeman’s Organic Farm fresh bananas on market stand

Freeman’s Organic Farm couple sitting on grass looking out at view

What’s on for families at Freeman’s Farm Family Day

The beauty of travelling to Freemans Farm on the Friday Family Day is that you miss the bustle of the weekend crowd plus you get first pick of all the organic fruit and vegetables, this means parents can do a quick shop for their organic groceries at the farm source, buy from locals who run small businesses in the market stalls really brining the idea of a local community together.

On the day we visited our kids ran around bare foot, they got bit muddy, touched plants, vegetables and herbs and played for an hour in the ‘Secret Garden’ play area. This is the type of place that is refreshing to visit at the end of the week, the kind of place you can take off your shoes and feel the grass under your feet.

Freeman’s Organic Farm mum working on laptop outdoors while children play happily

Freeman’s Farm Family Day Hot Tips

  • Plenty of parking at the front of the farm stall and if this section is full, follow the road to the left of the entrance down under the trees for additional parking
  • Talk to Farmer David when you arrive and enquire about a strawberry plant for your kids, his policy is that every child can plant a strawberry plant in the garden beds and come back to eat the strawberries as they grow
  • There is a restrooms down the driveway
  • Ieightcake has cash and credit card facilities for payment
  • There are tables and chairs, shady trees and lush grass to sit on. There are restrooms.
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