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FREE Playgroup QLD Membership | Join The Fun Before they Turn One!

Playgroup Queensland has launched Play Stars, providing Queensland families with free Playgroup membership for a child under one, for 12 months.

Your child’s first teacher

By the time your child turns three they will have developed the skills to become a lifelong learner. As your child’s first and foremost teacher you will play a crucial role in this learning journey. Play is the easiest way to help your child learn and grow because ‘play’ is not just fun, it is how your child learns. When your child paints, draws, listens to stories, sings songs or dresses up they are getting ready for school by building their vocabulary, expressing themselves, learning to listen, strengthening muscles in their hands and developing hand–eye coordination that will help them to identify numbers, letters and words.

The Queensland Government is committed to creating opportunities for all children to access quality early years’ experiences, regardless of their circumstances or where they live. That is why the Queensland Government has partnered with Playgroup Queensland to launch Play Stars. An initiative funded by the Queensland Government, Play Stars provides all Queensland families with a child under one, 12 months’ free Playgroup membership.

FREE Playgroup membership - Join The Fun Before They Turn One!
FREE Playgroup membership – Join The Fun Before They Turn One!

Why free Playgroup membership?

“Playgroup offers families the chance to connect with other parents, carers and children in their local community. Many families rely on playgroup to obtain information about other local services, schools and community activities. Being a part of a playgroup allows families to develop a sense of belonging within the community and gives them reassurance in their parental journey,” Playgroup Queensland CEO Ian Coombe said.

“To create a strong network of support, connections is important. Families with young children often feel isolated, alone in their decision making and unsure about how to raise their children. Playgroup performs a vital role in reassuring parents that they are not alone and if they do need help playgroup can either provide it or point them in the right direction.”

A playgroup is an informal session where babies and young children and their caregivers regularly meet in a relaxed environment. They are usually held once a week in community venues such as a local school, community hall or park. Playgroup Queensland playgroups are run by participating families or volunteers. Whether you are a mum, dad, carer, grandparent or family member, everyone is welcome at playgroup and all families with a child under one are entitled to a free playgroup membership for 12 months.

FREE Playgroup membership - Join The Fun Before They Turn One!

Why playgroups are good for parents

Playgroups give you and your child one-on-one play away from home and everyday distractions. At playgroup you can:

  • discover new ways to play with your child
  • meet new people and make new friends
  • share ideas and experiences
  • learn from other parents
  • watch your child learn by developing new skills
  • learn more about your community and how 
to connect with local services
  • and have fun!

Why playgroups are good for children

Your child will join in different activities suitable for their age and play with other children. At playgroup, your child will:

  • enjoy stories and music
  • socialise with other children and adults
  • explore the world around them through play
  • try out new imaginative and creative activities
  • and have fun!
FREE Playgroup membership - Join The Fun Before They Turn One!

Playgroups can also help young children start developing skills they need for school, like learning to share, taking turns and making friends.

Join Playgroup Queensland for free. Become a Play Star. To become a Play Star simply register with Playgroup Queensland before your child’s first birthday.

Find out more by visiting their website or call 1800 171 882

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This article was published in Issue 17 of our print magazine, August/September 2016.

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