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Study Online with FisherONE

This article will show you how high schools can fill in the gaps of QCE subjects offered, helping your child get the education they need by studying online with FisherONE.

Does your child’s school offer ALL the subjects they want and need in Years 11 or 12? They might not, but that doesn’t mean they can’t! See how studying online with FisherONE can fill the gaps.

By the time ATAR or QCE subjects are selected in Year 10, your child has a pretty good idea of what they want to study at university or the career direction they are headed in. At the very least, they have a pretty good idea of what subjects they enjoy, and which they don’t.

There’s no fun in compromising or being forced to do a “fill in” subject just because it’s the only one available for a study period timeslot. And there’s definitely no fun in trying to switch schools to find one that will accommodate the subjects your child needs for their ATAR.

Thankfully, all that is becoming a thing of the past! Your child can now study those all-important subjects online without compromise, and without leaving their current school.

Introducing FisherONE

FisherONE, developed by St John Fisher College, is designed to meet the needs of students who have difficulty accessing specific subjects at their current school. By enrolling in a FisherONE subject alongside their current school subjects, students expand their options and can ensure their senior subject profile more closely matches their post-school aspirations.

Here’s how it works…

Working with your child’s current school

In Year 10, students complete a SET plan to help them structure their senior learning around their abilities, interests, and ambitions.

Brisbane Catholic Education Base Schools advocate for FisherONE throughout this process in their Subject Guide, which is distributed to students. Certain subjects at base schools are only available via FisherONE, e.g., McAuley = Music, Chanel College = Spec Math.

To engage in online learning, your child will need a personal or school learning device such as a laptop or tablet with a camera, reliable internet access, headphones with a microphone, and subject-specific resources like calculators as required.

FisherONE works in partnership and collaboration with your child’s school to ensure all learning is delivered seamlessly and comprehensively, and the online learning platform is purpose-built to allow students to access all courses regardless of their geographic location. 

Fitting in seamlessly with students’ existing school subjects

FisherONE offers single-subject enrolments that seamlessly integrate with your child’s current school timetable. Typically, students may study 4 -5 subjects at their base school and 1 – 2 subjects with FisherONE. Specific times are scheduled for online subjects, just like all their other subjects.

Students choose to attend one of two live online classes per week. They can choose between a before-school lesson, or a lesson run during the school day. The remaining time is spent completing work independently during allocated lesson time. Students can complete coursework online, connect with other students, and have one-on-one sessions with their teacher when required. 

QCE subjects currently available online at FisherONE

FisherONE students working on laptops
Students can learn online at FisherONE

FisherONE offers senior studies in the following subjects, with more coming soon:

  • Japanese 
  • Specialist Mathematics 
  • Ancient History 
  • Modern History​ 
  • Physics (Alternate Sequence) 
  • Business 
  • Music​ 
  • Digital Solutions 
  • Design 
  • Information & Communication Technology 
  • Food & Nutrition 
  • Biology 
  • Applied ICT 
  • Psychology 

The learning process

At FisherONE, online learning involves the use of a digital learning environment where students engage in facilitated learning experiences. FisherONE teachers create a structured curriculum, deliver online lessons, provide learning resources, and offer ongoing support to students.

FisherONE fosters a collaborative and engaging learning environment that encourages active participation, inquiry, and teamwork. Interactive lessons, peer-to-peer interaction, and teacher-student collaboration promotes a sense of belonging and encourages students to contribute to their learning journey actively. Students participate in group live lessons, and individual follow-ups, and interact with their classmates through the online platform.

Support where it is needed

Students are supported throughout the learning process by their FisherONE teachers, FisherONE Middle Leader and the Assistant Principal of FisherONE. Students are also supported by their Base School Leader. Students also have access to IT support at their base school and through F1.

Contributing towards their ATAR 

A group of students learn together in an online class

All FisherONE subjects are compliant with the QCAA standards and expectations. FisherONE teachers are experienced in delivering curriculum-aligned content and assessments, ensuring that students receive a rigorous and high-quality education. 

FisherONE believes in empowering its students to become self-motivated, persistent learners who are eager to explore new horizons. Online learning requires dedication, discipline, and effective communication. It is for those genuinely interested in the chosen subject, who share a love for learning and are committed to success.  

Assignments, assessments, and exams

Assignments and subject-specific assessments are submitted via Microsoft Teams.

Students remain onsite at their base school for supervised exams.

Covering the costs

FisherONE invoices the Base School a per subject fee. The Base School decides what charges (if any) are forwarded to the parents. Most schools cover all costs involved whereas some schools have integrated a memorandum of understanding based on the satisfactory completion of said course completion.  

Keen to find out more?

For now, FisherONE is available for students of Brisbane Catholic Education schools only, but this will change. By 2025 FisherONE looks forward to welcoming students from across Australia.

Find the prospectus, enrolment application forms, and all the information you need at www.fisherone.qld.edu.au

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