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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Father’s Day Brisbane

It’s time to face facts. While socks and jocks are practical items, they just aren’t likely to be the best Father’s Day gifts that your dad will really get excited about. It’s time to put in some more thought for your presents for Dad this Father’s Day. Perhaps even secure the best gifts for dad of all time!

So fret none! This article is the best Father’s Day Gift Guide – and all you really need. Here you will find a bang up to date list of Father’s Day gifts and ideas for 2023, that are sure to win you lots of brownie points. No matter what your dad’s tastes are – or how tight your budget is.

Father’s Day Brisbane 2023 – When is Fathers Day in QLD?

In Queensland, Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September. This year we remember dad on his special day on Sunday 3 September 2023. The date also marks the beginning of Spring in QLD.

And yes, while it IS the thought that counts, your dad deserves something more thrilling than feet warmers and underwear. So stop it with the predictable presents and wow him with these gifts for dad. These will ensure you win the ‘favourite child’ award, for at least this year!

Cool and unique Father’s Day gifts for every kind of dad

Dad reading to child for National Simultaneous Storytime

We’ve hunted high and low and found the best Father’s Day gifts that will suit your dad, not matter what his taste. Below you’ll find all the offers and deals for Father’s Day presents that are available RIGHT NOW – and will be sure to please even the most difficult of dads.

Because dads differ from family to family, we’ve scoured the internet – so you don’t have to. Here you’ll find a fine list including a range of Father’s Day gift ideas. Each Father’s Day present idea has been checked and hand-picked for your dad this Father’s Day, so we reckon we’re onto a few winners here.

We know that each Dad will be secretly hoping for something different. Something unique for Father’s Day. Perhaps something surprising. So why not use these gift ideas for Dad to guide your gift gifting this year?

If you are looking for somewhere to take your Dad in Brisbane this year to celebrate – why not read the gift ideas for Dad below first? Then you can check our other article for a fully updated list of things to do for Father’s Day in Brisbane!

Personalised Father’s Day gifts

Surely gifts for Dad don’t come any better than something that’s made especially for him! For the top personalised Father’s Day gift ideas, we suggest heading over to Gifts Australia. Their strapline is ‘delivering happiness’, and they can dispatch presents all over the land.

You can shop their Father’s Day range, which includes the likes of a monogrammed leather washbag, a personalised set of cufflinks or an initialled wallet. There’s also lots of inspiring non-personalised presents to choose from.

The Gifts Australia site also has a huge range of general items for men. Various subcategories also exist, including hampers, books, man cave, foodie, travel and bar, beer or BBQ products. You’ll never be stuck for a personalised gift when shopping with Gifts Australia!

Click here to view personalised Father’s Day presents at Gifts Australia

‘Office Dad’ gift ideas

Dad works long hours in the office and often you’ll find that coffee is essential in keeping his concentration at its best. A ‘World’s Best….’ or ‘Keep Calm &’ coffee mug is the answer to keeping him on track during his day to day tasks. We also love items like the golf bag pencil holder as a Father’s Day present idea – so cute!

More ‘Office Dad’ Father’s Day suggestions: There a huge range of other super cute coffee mugs made specifically to celebrate our Dads on Father’s Day. You can see a huge selection by clicking here.

Funny Father’s Day gifts

Gifts Australia can also help you out when it comes to funny Father’s Day ideas. In fact, they have a specific category on the site for ‘Funny Gifts’. This includes a great selection of Dad’s day gifts.

The books on offer, for example, include The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump, Sh*t Towns of Australia, and The Ladybird Book of the Mid-Life Crisis. There are gifts for all budgets, too, from a Jesus soap or a pair of tiny joke hands to an inflatable sumo costume. Yes, really.

Amazon also has a good range of humorous Father’s Day presents and cards. Whether you want a mug, a book, a pair of PJs or just an awesome greetings card, it’s well worth having a look at what the online giant has to offer.

Click here to shop the Gifts Australia funny gifts range

Click here to see funny Father’s Day presents at Amazon

Cheap Father’s Day gifts

If spending hundreds or even scores of dollars on the best Father’s Day gifts is a little beyond your budget, why not go for something more affordable? The good news is that you can get really good Father’s Day gifts without spending a fortune.

Books are always a good option when you don’t want to blow the budget. They can also make unique gifts for dad, as you can buy a book to cover any interest he has. We recommend shopping at Booktopia for the biggest and best range.

Another idea – whether you want last minute Father’s Day gifts or are planning ahead – is to see what Best and Less can offer. From footie team socks to a new pair of board shorts, their range always offers good value for money.

Click here to explore the Best and Less range for men

Click here to discover Father’s Day books at Booktopia

Fishing gifts

Father’s Day Brisbane Fishing
Father’s Day ideas

Does your dad love to head off to sea, or the local lake or river, for a spot of angling? (Or maybe even just a bit of him-time?) Then he’s guaranteed to adore a fishing gift for men that will help with this outdoor hobby.

The best fishing-related Father’s Day gifts from a daughter or son can be found at various retailers. We think that Amazon has a great range. This includes items like fishing signs for the shed or garage, a fishing vest to hold all his gear hands-free, a fish filleting set of knives, a dry bag that he could also use for the beach or a related book.

Exploring the Tentworld range can also mean coming up trumps with fishing themed presents. They offer all sorts of gifts for outdoor types – and we’re not only talking tents. There’s also coolers, torches, camping chairs, binoculars, backpacks and a whole lot more.

Click here for an array of fishing presents at Tentworld

Click here for Amazon’s assortment of fishing gifts for men

Tech and gaming gifts

If he loves his tech or to spend time gaming, then topping the list of Father’s Day present ideas has to be some sort of related gift. You could check out Amazon for a range of tech gifts for men, and see what inspires you there.

Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets! I’m sure he has been watching in awe of the drone enthusiasts, so why not get dad exactly what he wants? Let him test his skills of flying a quadcopter and see how well he can capture the 360 degree view of the world from a birds eye view.

You’ll also find lots of other tech gifts at Amazon.

Cooking gifts

Father's Day Events Gold Coast Man Tea

Who could fail to adore a man who likes to cook up a storm? Whether it’s outdoors on the BBQ or a gourmet feast prepared in the family kitchen, some of the most simple Father’s Day gift ideas are those that can lend him a helping hand.

Gifts Australia’s Home Chef range is perfect for those dads who love to feed their families and friends. He could grow his own eye-wateringly hot chillies, use the Maverick BBQ tool set, play around with an infusion smoker, grind his own Himalayan rock salt or simply wear a ‘Feed all you F***ers’ BBQ apron. And then some.

As you might expect, Amazon can also help you out when it comes to Father’s Day gifts from a son or daughter. Why not take a look at their cooking gifts range to see what you might come up with?

Click here to see Amazon’s range of cooking gifts for men

Click here to shop the Home Chef category at Gifts Australia

Click here to take a look at tech gifts for men at Amazon

Gardening gifts

It’s not gardening that these outdoor dads can be into. Some also love to get their hands dirty while tending the backyard – whether it’s growing his own fresh fruit and veggies, pruning shrubs to perfection or creating a beautiful display of seasonal blooms.

You can of course buy all kinds of gardening presents at Amazon. These include tool sets, aprons with pockets for everything he needs while he’s out there and other items to wear such as hats or gloves.

Again, Tentworld can be good for gardening types. There’s lots of outdoor goods to choose from, so you can find the perfect present. Even when you need gifts for dads who have everything already – or so it seems.

Click here to browse the Amazon range of gardening gifts for men

Click here to search for gardening gifts for dad at Tentworld

Father’s Day hampers

A hamper for him is always such a good idea – even if he is a very busy guy – as he can sneak in a few of his favourite sweet or savoury treats whenever he has the time. Drinks, too, if you choose a hamper that includes those.

For hampers – and lots of other good ideas besides – you can shop at Gifts Australia. Alternatively, head over to Macarthur Baskets to see an impressive range of Father’s Day hampers. Or why not see what Gourmet Basket has to offer?

Edible Blooms is another option, too, particularly if he has a sweet tooth. As well as chocolate bouquets, they offer hampers, doughnuts, gift boxes and more.

Click here for the Macarthur Baskets range for first-time fathers

Click here to choose a first Father’s Day gift from Edible Blooms

Click here for the Gourmet Basket selection of Father’s Day gifts

Click here to browse first Father’s Day presents at Gifts Australia

Father’s Day gift ideas for the ‘Dad who has it all’

Also known at the ‘Joke Gift’ recipient, gifts for dads who want nothing are the hardest to buy for Father’s Day. But we’ve come up with a range of Father’s Day presents that are EPIC.

As well as those listed above and below – what about getting inspired by these presents for dad here.

We also love to buy men’s grooming essentials which will make him smell lovely  – click here for more ideas.

First Father’s Day gifts

So how about gift ideas for a dad who’s new to the role? We reckon first Father’s Day gifts should be all about him, as he’s likely to have little time for himself since becoming a daddy. That’s why we reckon that experience gifts for men are such a good idea in this case.

Find the perfect first Father’s Day presents for dad by seeing what experiences Adrenaline,

Experience Oz and RedBalloon have to offer. You could also find out what sort of deals Cudo and Scoopon have going on at the time.

Of course you don’t have to choose a hamper as a gift for a father of a baby. You could simply browse the Amazon range of new father gifts for more inspiration, or check out our other categories in this article for more of the best gifts for Dad.

Click here to check out Cudo

Click here to shop at Scoopon

Click here to see Adrenaline experience gifts

Click here to take a look at Experience Oz gifts

Click here for a selection of RedBalloon experiences

Click here to check out Amazon’s range of first time Dad gifts

History of Father’s Day around the world

Father’s Day is a worldwide celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Even though it’s held on different dates in different places.

In Catholic Europe, Father’s Day has been celebrated on March 19th (St. Joseph’s Day) since the Middle Ages. This celebration was brought by the Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America, where March 19th still often marks the date. Many countries in Europe and the Americas have adopted the U.S. date, though, which is the third Sunday of June.

In Australia and New Zealand, Father’s Day is celebrated during the first Sunday in September. It complements similar celebrations honoring family members, such as Mother’s Day in May and Grandparents’ Day in October.

What are your go-to Father’s Day gifts??

Keep dad on his toes and get him something he won’t be expecting. Why not ignore the shop promotions of socks, jocks and car wash, and instead think outside the box when buying gifts for dad?

Looking for more Father’s Day ideas in Brisbane?

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