Meet Joanne Crane

Meet the expert:  Joanne Crane – decor, fashion family and lifestyle

Families Magazine website aims to give our readers a holistic view of living in and raising a family in Brisbane and South East Queensland, Australia. Joanne Crane has worked with families Magazine since 2018 sharing her knowledge and expertise with our readers.

Family & lifestyle

Joanne’s childhood and early adulthood was spent in the UK but after 32 years of cold northern weather, Joanne emigrated to Australia to soak up the Australian weather and our way of life.

Fashion & design

Joanne’s journey into fashion and design began in 2008 when she founded Alyssum Jewellery, a bridal and fashion jewellery business based in Adelaide. Following a move to Queensland in 2010, Joanne discovered that her other passion lay in sharing knowledge, insights, random facts and hot design tips through the medium of writing.

Joanne travels to many events (ostensibly to research, but really to have fun) and has been snapped wearing her media lanyard at everything from prestigious corporate media launches, to charity Christmas parties, and even “putting” her skills to the test at Christmas putt putt.