Meet Regina Gleeson

Regina Gleeson

Meet the expert: Regina Gleeson – childcare professional

This expert is extremely community-minded, so she makes it her personal mission to find awesome, low cost (or free!) activities that everyone can enjoy. This thirst for knowledge and desire to experience the things she writes about makes her an irreplaceable member of the team. An avid charity supporter, Regina’s professional background in childcare also stands her in particularly good stead.

Childcare professional

Regina is a very valued member of the dedicated team at Kippa Ring Kindergarten and Preschool. Currently ensuring the kindy office runs smoothly, she is more than qualified for the role. Regina holds a practical, hands-on associate diploma in education with a childcare specialism. She can also add a Certificate III in Business (Administration) to her resume, plus qualifications in first aid, anaphylaxis and CPR.

Charity and community minded

Seeking out free or very affordable Christmas activities comes naturally to community-minded Regina. Her background in childcare also makes her super aware of family events. Her role as a Responsible Person for Kippa Ring Kindergarten is also critical to this charitable organisation. Somehow, she also finds the time to oversee grants for the Nashville State School Parents and Citizens Association